…and by 10 nights into the program D was sleeping through the night

Just wanted to express our appreciation for the support and guidance you provided last October.
Baby D is our third child and was our worst sleeper! Having had 2 kids already we thought we would have things under control…
We were at the end of our tether back in September with a return to work for me coupled with a new job led us to put in an SOS call to Lucy…… At the time D was 10 months old and used to wake every 2 hours at night and needed a bottle to go back to sleep.
Straight away from the first call, Lucy took us on board and was very sympathetic to our situation. She was very confident that D had the potential to be a good sleeper and with some minor adjustments helped us to implement a very workable plan to help D sleep through the night. Within a few days we saw significant improvements such as napping during the day at regular times without relying on a bottle and by 10 nights into the program D was sleeping through the night.
We would highly recommend Lucy and our only regret is not picking up the phone sooner and making that initial call.

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