If anyone is reading this unsure about booking or just holding out a little longer in hopes that the problem will rectify itself then dont waste more time and book now

Lucy is so amazing at what she does, I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough! If anyone is reading this unsure about booking or just holding out a little longer in hopes that the problem will rectufy itself then dont waste more time and book now, it is the best thing we have ever done and like everyone else says I wish we had done it sooner!!.,.. We were so sleep deprived a couple of months back that it was really affecting our daily life, we were barley able to function. Our 15 month old was so clingy and moody all of the time, she wanted me there beside her all day everyday which made it so hard to get anything done, I never got a minute to myself night or day and it was really starting to affect my emotional well being. She would have to be rocked to sleep in our arms down stairs before being brought up to her cot, this process could take anywhere from 10 mins to an hour and we were doing that for both naps and at bedtime. Our whole life revolved around getting her to sleep and after all that she wouldn’t stay asleep long enough to get a proper rest and she would scream the house down when she realised she was in her cot. We ended up co-sleeping which works perfectly fine for some families but with my partner doing shift work and the fact that I would have to go to bed with her at 8 pm it meant we never had any time together and none of us were getting any proper sleep. I really didn’t know how to change the cycle myself and I was at my wits end so I contacted Lucy and we haven’t looked back since. I was very nervous about the process before hand as I thought I would have to let her cry it out, then we met Lucy and she put us at ease straight away and explained the plan which was so gentle and gradual that I didn’t even think it would work! Once we began the process we were so surprised at how well it worked, she never cried like I expected her too. We had to fully commit to her new routine but once we did we had a little girl that slept through the night and went for two naps a day! We can now put her into her cot awake and she settles herself to sleep and we are finally getting proper sleep and we have our happy little girl back. I couldn’t be happier that we met Lucy, she has helped our family so much and she was so kind and supportive throughout the process! I would recommend Lucy to anyone who feels like they need help and doesn’t know where to turn, this is definitely your answer to good sleep and a happy well rested baby. Thank you Lucy, we will be forever grateful for your help.

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