It certainly felt like we were working as a team through this process and I got the impression that she cared as much as we did to resolve these sleepless nights

Whilst back home in Ireland for Christmas I was complaining about our sleep deprivation to a friend. It took 3.5 years for our daughter (first) to sleep through the night and we were going through the same thing again with our son at 11 months, for example 40 mins to put down to sleep with rocking, between 8-10 times waking up in first 4 hrs and then having to sleep with him on a mattress in his room in order that he could actually get some sleep! The thought of another 2-3 years of this was extremely disheartening!
My friend explained the successful experience they had with Lucy and highly recommended her. Although we live in Norway he explained that Lucy can work with people overseas via skype / Facetime. After reviewing Lucy’s website, I called her to explain our situation and subsequently started the preparation process with her, i.e. agreeing the first consultation date and completing a history review of our son..,..
For the first consultation Lucy had prepared a 4 week plan for us based on the history review we provided. She explained the basis for the plan, answered any questions I had, we discussed some of the difficulties we were having in greater detail and she adjusted the plan where applicable. From day 1, my sleeping mattress was removed from his bedroom, and although I thought great, I questioned how this will work tonight!
The early focus was removing our son’s dependence on us to go to sleep. Lucy devised both day play activities in his room and a bedtime routine in order that he could learn to be put down in his cot and go to sleep by himself. One night 1 it took 1hr 20 mins for him to go to sleep whilst being next to his cot. After 1 week it took 40 mins, at week 2 it was 20 mins and at week 3 it took 10 mins for him to go to sleep by himself with me out of view / outside his room.
Although not the initial focus the number of times he woke up during his night’s sleep started reducing significantly even within the first week. On average it was 6 times in the first week but by week 3 this had average to 2 times per night. On week 4 it was done to 1 time per night and since then we are experiencing bliss…..he is sleeping through most nights.
It was not possible to imagine being in this glorious position 5 weeks ago; four years is a long time without proper sleep! The whole family is benefiting greatly now, particularly our son who sleeps 11hrs throughout the night, as parents we have more time in the evenings and get more sleep at night. It was great working with Lucy, she provided a lot of re-assurance and encouragement after the tough nights in the first week. It certainly felt like we were working as a team through this process and I got the impression that she cared as much as we did to resolve these sleepless nights. We can’t thank her enough for her assistance and can’t put a value on having uninterrupted night’s sleep again. My only regret is that I hadn’t heard about Lucy 3 years ago when we had the same issues with our daughter!!

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