I found Lucy to be hugely respectful and supportive of my wishes to keep breastfeeding

When our little boy turned 4 months our sleep started to deteriorate. For the next 14 weeks we went through bhroncolitis and viruses and were awake every 1-2 hours, often with Harry sleeping on one of us for the wee hours of the morning. As soon as I returned to work we realised we needed some help with this. .,.. We contacted Lucy when H was 7 months old. I found Lucy to be hugely respectful and supportive of my wishes to keep breastfeeding. She taught us how to help Harry fall asleep without needing to nurse so that he could happily get himself back to sleep during the night. We never were put in a position where allowing him to cry was suggested and Harry really happily took to the routines suggested by Lucy. She taught us how to give him confidence in getting himself to sleep so that now we can pop him into his cot, give him a kiss and a cuddle and close the door and he will happily go off to sleep himself. This has changed our world. We used to sleep for no more than an hour at a time. We have now had many nights where H has slept for 10 + hours with just 1 or 2 wakes for us to pop his soother back in. We are in a different place completely and are very grateful. During the time Lucy worked with us we had viruses, bacterial ear infections and 5 teeth come up and Lucy gave us so many tools and techniques to cope with all of these. I would highly recommend working with Lucy if sleep something your little one finds challenging.

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