Lucy was so supportive of our breastfeeding,

Our daughter is a changed baby thanks to Lucy! She was so cranky and upset most days, her sleep was shocking, everyone said at a year it would improve but after 14 months of 3-6 wake ups a night, and 2-3 hrs to get her to go asleep, and non-existent naps mostly we decided to work with Lucy. I was back to work and I was physically and emotionally exhausted, I constantly worried that our daughter wasn’t getting the amount and quality of sleep that she needed and that we were failing her. She was completely dependent on breastfeeding to get her though the night.!

We were nervous about the idea of “sleep training” I worried it wouldn’t be gentle, but lucys methods of stay and support were so different to the other techniques I had heard about, we stayed in the room when needed, we supported each cry, by touching, singing, shushing and by picking up if needed, it was such a gradual process over the 4 weeks, and I felt very gentle for all of us on the whole. I half expected a “telling off” (sorry lucy!) to “still” be breastfeeding at 14 months, Lucy was so supportive of our breastfeeding, I was in such a bad place I said I just wanted to wean altogether but Lucy encouraged me not to make any drastic decisions to night wean first and see how I felt after, and now for the first time in a long time I am really enjoying breastfeeding again and I have Lucy to thank for that.

I couldn’t see how Lucy’s methods were going to work us but they did! And we saw such drastic changes really quickly, I think after about a week we had a full nights sleep!!! We’ve had bouts of sickness and teething and some nights one visit to her room is needed to help her settle back to sleep, but most nights now when she wakes up she goes back to sleep herself, and we get her asleep in her cot in about 30 mins… its amazing.

The biggest blessing for us is to see how happy our daughter is each day now that she is properly rested. I got a round of applause from her this morning when I entered her room 😊 Her creche our killed telling us what great form she’s in and how much fun she is having there now, and we don’t have the evening hysterics now at all, or even any witching hour or crankiness, the transformation is miraculous, thank you so much lucy x

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