I was so relieved to put myself and my famly in the hands of a trusted expert.

I was in despair when I first contacted Lucy. My eight-month-old daughter woke every 45 or 50 minutes, every single night, and couldn’t go back to sleep without being breastfed. This meant that my husband could never do the ‘night shift’. I was so low, I honestly didn’t know if it was sleep deprivation or post-natal depression. My marriage was suffering, as all I could think about was sleep and how my husband was just going about his life as usual, while I was going under. I felt like hadn’t a clue what I was doing, and that everyone else was a better mother than me. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood at all. ….,..

Working with Lucy changed all that. After three tough nights at the start of the process, things started to fall into place. My daughter started to sleep for three or four hours at a time, and so did I. I’d been so sleep deprived that I didn’t trust my own judgment, so I needed someone to tell me that it was going to be okay – and to tell me how to make it that way. I was so relieved to put myself and my famly in the hands of a trusted expert.

Within one week, my daughter was sleeping straight through until 5:30am. Shortly after that, it stretched to 12 hours until 7:30am. Since then, she has been a champion sleeper. She’s almost two now and I actually have to wake her up every morning – and she loves her two-hour afternoon nap, too!

Another wonderful thing about Lucy’s schedule is that no matter what upset or disruption happens – whether it’s sickness, holidays or even a five-night spell in hospital – my daughter falls back into her routine with no problems.

With Lucy’s help, I’ve become a better, loving mother. My bond with my daughter has strengthened immeasurably because we’re both so much happier and well-rested. My relationship with my husband has also improved so much, because the sleep training meant that we had to divide parenting responsibilities more evenly.

She gave me confidence when I had none, and guidance when I hadn’t a clue. I’ll never forget her kindness and concern when I was at such a low ebb. I hear other mothers at work talking about how tired they are and I thank my lucky stars for Lucy Wolfe! It’s no exaggeration to say that she changed our lives and our family. I’ll forever be grateful to her.

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