Since working with Lucy our life has been transformed

We contacted Lucy when our little girl was 2 years and 2 months. We were gone well beyond breaking point and in all honestly we were barely holding it together.
A had always been a bad sleeper, never sleeping more than 2/3 hours at anyone time and that was at very best.being are first and totally clueless we felt this was just how it was when you had kids. We took on the advise of any one we could ,friends,family,public health nurse,doctor and anyone else who would listen to us. We tried it ALL and nothing worked ,instead of improving things went from bad to worse…,..
The guilt knowing as a parent you can’t even manage the basics of getting your child sleep was all that played on my mind. She was either in a high state of alert and great fun(we now know this was adrenaline fuelled as in exhausted) or she just couldn’t cope with anything and everything was a melt down.
No pattern or reason for no sleep.she could have been outside all day ,ate great and be in the best form,go down to bed and an hour later wake and that would be it up for the night trying everything and anything in hope we get few minutes sleep somewhere so we could all try get through the next day without collapsing .
It turned our lives upside down and everything revolved around sleep(or lack of it). When A was 10months old we really struggled, to the point I didn’t know my own name. I contacted Lucy but I got talked out of going ahead with it my a number of people .
My biggest piece of advise if you are reading this is go with your gut,if you have googled Lucy Wolfe it means your family need professional help with sleep and start today.Dont do what I did and waste another year. It was living hell and with all respect to those who try help you and give you advise ,if they haven’t had a child with a sleep problem then they do not have a notion of what you are living with .
I dreaded and feared the night time so much. We never knew what was in store. I just wanted morning time to come.
Since working with Lucy our life has been transformed. I went in to this out of desperation and never in million years thought my little girl would sleep all night and now she is.
When we first spoke wit Lucy she told us what she hoped for A to sleep in a 24 hour period and we roared laughing at how ridiculous it sounded. It worked!!!! Lucy gave us techniques which we will always use. The best part was it fitted into our parenting style so it felt right .
If we have a problem with anything else in our lives we seek the help of professionals , this is no different. Your child and you need sleep so get help of you need to and there is no shame in it .

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