I will be forever grateful to you for the positive mark you have left on our family’s life.

I have been meaning to send you this email for a long time, but for one reason or another I hadn’t gotten around to it….well today is the day!
Ironically, today marks exactly 1 year since I sent my first email to you seeking your help about Isabelle’s sleep. I had 12 week old baby I at the time and had just been through an awful Christmas of sleep deprivation and I could not take anymore of the sleepless nights, hitting, smacking screaming, crying from J on a nightly basis….at this stage it had been going on for over 2 years. Dad was going back to work and I was starting to feel anxious about how I was going to manage the dread of night time with her and I…..
Well to say our lives have completely transformed in 1 year is an understatement. J is a completely different little girl, almost unrecognizable since this time last year. And as an added bonus over the last year, I feel that I have really bonded with her, something that I felt I had failed to do because of how things would unfold on a nightly basis. Now, I cherish the nighttime routine and the quality time I get to spend with her. We have never deviated from your plan and its the one thing I wont sacrifice.
The icing on the cake is that also thanks to your personal help and your book, or my bible as I refer to it, I is following in his sisters footsteps and is sleeping through the night for the last 8 months. We still get some early morning surprises due to teeth, but in general there is a 90% success rate!
I wanted to say a really big heartfelt thank you for changing our lives…..sounds dramatic….but it is the truth. While this email is coming 1 year on, we saw the impact of working with you on day 3, and have never looked back. Hence, when we were seeing some issues with I, I didn’t even hesitate to contact you. I knew you could make the amends / tweaks that we needed in order to achieve the right end result. Your book is always at arms reach and it is the gift I give to all my friends who have new babies…..an essential piece of reading that no new mother should be without.
Thanks so much for your support, understanding, kindness and firm but gentle nudge to move things in the right direction for the long term benefit of all our sleeping needs. I will be forever grateful to you for the positive mark you have left on our family’s life.

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