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Solutions for a Great Night’s Sleep

Lucy Wolfe, CGSC, MAPSC, Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Author of The Baby Sleep Solution, Creator of Sleep Through brand, TV Columnist, Writer and Mum of Four

I can help you solve your child’s sleep problems WITHOUT leaving them to cry, wherever you are in Ireland and over seas also.

Many families experience sleep problems and it is not a reflection on you as a parent or a failing. You might think that among your friends you are the only one still getting up at night, but quite often that is not the case-read the forums and discussion boards-filled with a variety of sleep problems. Research shows that sleep problems contribute to behavioural problems, excessive crying, ADHD, obesity, poor immune system, decreased concentration, irritablity, moodiness, inability to play independently alone or with others…
There are lots of different sleep problems and various solutions-my solutions are sympathetic and child centred and parent-led, taking into account your individual child’s needs, parenting style and expectations.

You do NOT have to complete a lengthy sleep diary-completion of a short Client History Review 2017 will enable me to get you started on the road to sleep success.

I do NOT endorse leaving your child alone to “cry it out” or use cry intensive strategies-I encourage you to stay and respond, to soothe and calm them for the duration until they feel more safe and secure and you begin to feel more confident.

  • Are you REALLY tired? Have you tried everything, or simply just don’t know where to start?

  • Is your baby/child waking multiple times throughout the night?
  • Rocking or walking baby to sleep?
  • Does it take you ages to get them to go asleep?
  • Driving or rolling baby to sleep during the day and at night?
  • Lying down with your child, holding hands, rubbing them to make them go to sleep?
  • Are they nursing or bottle feeding excessively at night?
  • Are you replugging the dummy multiple times during the night?
  • Does your child stay awake for long periods of time overnight?
  • Is it easy for them to go to sleep but they have trouble STAYING asleep?
  • Suffering from Nightmares or Night Terrors?
  • Are you struggling with short daytime naps?
  • Does your child stay awake for long periods of time overnight?
  • Does your child resist day sleep?
  • Need to end co sleeping but don’t know how?

  • Want co sleeping to work but don’t know how?

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What People Say

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with the sleepless nights to just pick up the phone and make that appointment with Lucy.

Our little girl was nearly 7 months when we started working with Lucy. She literally saved my sanity. I was so sleep deprived I could barely function. My partner works away and I was finding it so hard, firstly as a first time parent but also with a baby who never slept! Our girl would only sleep 45 mins at a time.
… I could find myself up to her during the night so much that I used to end up sleeping on the floor beside the cot as it was just easier that up and down all night ! I was really nervous when I rang Lucy at the start, I felt like she would think I was a bad mother for not being able to cope. Lucy was the exact opposite she was so so supportive and not once made me feel bad.

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