4 Nap supports suggestions


  1. Consider your wake times

Having a regular wake time, no later than 730am allows you to set the tone for naps and bedtime! It can be challenging when you have been up at night, but it can make a huge difference to your daytime attempts.

  1. Start time of nap

Possibly the trickiest dance to do- aiming before overtired and not tired enough- watching for cues or using my age-appropriate sleeping times as a framework can help an easy landing.

  1. Sleep-inducing environment

Use light and dark to your advantage- expose to bright and natural light during the awake time and create a dark space for sleep time, this may help to regulate the sleeping patterns.

  1. Provide a pre-nap ritual

Getting your baby ready for a nap will be helped with a pre-sleep ritual, take them into the place that they will nap and in the dim light prepare them with a short and connected sequence of events to help make the transition from awake to asleep!



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