6 ways to encourage more sleep for your new baby


  1. Try not to worry

You cannot spoil your baby -there are no such things as bad habits- focus on meeting their needs with loving responses.


  1. Have a regular wake time

Babies thrive when we are predictable. Waking at the same time and offering feeds and sleeps at similar times each days helps


  1. Offer Naps every, 1 to 2 Hours

Look for brief eye rubs and yawns and prepare for sleep within this time frame throughout the day


  1. Contact Nap


Use motion-car, pram, arms to help the nap happen

  1. Ask for help

If you have support, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Food preparation, holding baby while you shower, go for a walk…


  1. Parent Yourself

Nurture and honour your own needs too-be kind, be forgiving and loving to yourself in your new role



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