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Recovering healthy sleep following sickness

Lots of factors affect your child’s sleep, the timing, the environment and way in which they go to sleep, developmental leaps and stages, travel, maternal mood for example. Another significant sleep-wrecker is sickness and teething. Sickness and teething can have ongoing impact on your child ability to sleep well. Many children will experience bouts of routine illnesses such as ear, throat, chest infections, colds and viruses with minimum sleep disturbance. Others may have parents up at night (sometimes all

Recharge with sleep: Pediatric sleep recommendations promoting optimal health

Recharge with sleep: Pediatric sleep recommendations promoting optimal health American Academy of Sleep Medicine Monday, June 13, 2016 DARIEN, IL - For the first time, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has released official consensus recommendations for the amount of sleep needed to promote optimal health in children and teenagers to avoid the health risks of insufficient sleep. The recommendations in the consensus statement are as follows: •Infants four to 12 months should sleep 12 to 16 hours

Interview Red Fm

I helped Anna get a full nights sleep after 4 years of sleep deprivation

Interview with Anton Savage

I was called on by The Anton Savage Show as a reliable source for a sleep issue that one mum was having.  Listen here;    

Ryan Tubridy 2fm Jan 2015

In conversation with Ryan Tubridy 2fm on the topic of night terrors

Interview with Ryan Turbridy Sept 2014

Interview with Ryan Turbridy on sharing a bed!rii=1%3A20656960%3A4678%3A29%2D09%2D2014%3A

The Last Word with Matt Cooper Jan 2015

Interview with Matt Cooper on why I believe controlled crying is NOT the only way  

The Independent Mothers and Babies Suppplement-Tired and Wired

Tired and wired…   With studies consistently demonstrating sleep issues on the rise, parents must be cognisant of the severe negative impact of the use of electronic devices in this context.  The influx of portable electronic media means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to create boundaries between the use of electronics in advance of sleep. With many school going children reporting their inability to fall asleep with ease and on the other hand parents and teachers are observing

RTE Radio 1 with Sean McGuire

  For my interview about the struggles with children's sleep listen here: June 3rd 2014   http://!type=radio&rii=9%3a20590320%3a15036%3a03%2d06%2d2014%3a&type=share

Last Word with Matt Cooper-Time Change, Spring Forward

I get a lot of requests at this time of year about the clocks going forward.  I have to say that I don’t find this time change as punishing as the clocks going back and for those of you whose children wake on the early side this can be a bonus.  However, it can take a few days and as long as a week, for their body to adjust to a different mood lighting caused by losing an hour

Featured television series on Ireland Am

Baby's Bedtime Basics Here are the links from my new television sleep series on TV3's Ireland Am show. We will be following the sleep learning process of 14 month old Nathan and throughout the weeks will also be we will also be addressing other sleep issues that parents experience.   1: If your baby isn't sleeping properly it can have a detrimental effect on the family we kick off a brand new series to help your baby sleep better, by

TV3’s The Morning Show

Follow this link to catch up with me on  TV3's The Morning Show, joined by a past client Sinead who had struggled with her sleep.

Travelling and Sleep with Young Children

It’s that time of year again when parents can look forward to having a break from work and home and set off somewhere with their young children to enjoy some sun (hopefully), but more importantly some downtime. There are lots of considerations when travelling with smallies and you don’t want to go somewhere that takes too long to get there or is too hot or cold. You may need to consider the accommodation, the distance to conveniences, elevators, kiddies