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My highly acclaimed, best-selling books The Baby Sleep Solution and All About The Baby Sleep Solution  offers what every modern parent is seeking-a gentle, sensitive and emotionally appropriate approach to establishing positive sleep practices; when possible, from birth onwards-by using my Gentle Sleep Shaping and Percentage of Wakefulness Approach for New-borns to 6 months and/or  my Gentle Sleep Learning Approach from 6 months to 6 years of age designed to encourage developmentally relevant Sleep Ability-independence, less interrupted and more consolidated sleep tendencies.  Both are a wonderful resource- helping to reassure, give confidence and inform and manage parents’ expectations for their child’s sleep depending on their age and stage.  The first book is like the master copy for sleep from birth to 6 years and the second book stands on its own but also addresses all the questions that you have around specific issues.  May be used together or separately to address the reported issues, help you understand and create a plan or lay the ground work for better, more consolidated sleep.

Following years of training, education and working directly with families I  developed an effective and practical approach for parents in this modern age of parenting. I felt that it was important that I share my work in this book-so that parents are no longer forced into rigid,  scientifically inappropriate routines that have no recourse to the child’s or the parents well being.

My books provide the information to encourage  parents to establish positive sleep practices and overcome sleep challenges without feeling under pressure to resort to rigid, inflexible, cry-intensive strategies.

In my books,  I have introduced my ‘Stay-and- Support’ approach with an emphasis on your  baby and child’s emotional well-being.  This practise has helped thousands of parents and babies around the world achieve better sleep, with most parents reporting improvements within the first 7 days of making the changes.

  • Discover the issues that prevent your child from sleeping deeply overnight
  • Learn about biological sleep and feeding  balances that support great sleep
  • Create a customised, step-by-step plan to get baby to sleep through the night
  • Use my unique two fold sleep strategy which combines biological time keeping and parent attended support to develop positive sleeping tendencies
  • Become Informed, Confident and Empowered as Parents
  • Suitable for use from Birth and covers child sleep strategies  up to 6 years of age

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Lucy your book has been our life line.

Lucy your book has been our life line. There were so many days when it felt like nothing we were doing was working but your book finally put a structure on our days and we have a much happier little baba as a result. He is 8months old and we started your technique when he was 5 and a half months. I couldn’t bear the idea of allowing him to cry himself to sleep so your stay and support method suited us perfectly. We were really worried that we wouldn’t be able to ever get him to sleep without rocking and walking him asleep (and he

I used Lucy’s book for my son at 6 months…

Hey there, I used Lucy’s book for my son at 6 months and within 3 nights he was sleeping through the night and within 5 days he was having 2 long naps during the day. Back at work now and having a baby that sleeps the night through every night is just brillaint. I cannot recommend the book enough. I am a huge advocate of Lucy’s work and book since implementing the strategies after the 4 month sleep regression. Our little boy was finding day time naps an awful struggle but we got Lucy’s plan, stuck to it and it worked a dream! day time then

The Baby Sleep Solution was the perfect solution for our little family.

The Baby Sleep Solution was the perfect solution for our little family. Our baby girl would only sleep in her Mummy’s arms during the day and was very unsettled during the night. As a father I felt helpless as only my wife could manage to settle her. Following the guidelines laid out in the book enabled my wife to teach our little girl to sleep in her cot and put herself back to sleep. I am so happy that I can now be a part of the bedtime and nap routines. I love putting my little girl down to sleep and watch her drift away to

This is a perfect present for any new parents.

Hi Lucy! My little boy is 13 months now. My mam bought your book for me when my baby boy was around 6 months old. I can honestly say it was one of the best presents! Our baby had just moved into his own room and we had decided it was time to start gently trying to get him into some semblance of a routine!! I started with daytime naps and followed your methods. I had a few difficult days getting him to go for naps but it clicked after a few days.. My clever boy responding well to your techniques ? once I had daytime

Every parent should have a copy.

I bought this book at the baby fare in the RDS last year while I was expecting. I read the book before my baby was born but I never truly anticipated that I would need help getting my baby to sleep!! I ended up breastfeeding my baby (despite not planning to do so) and our sleeping routine spiralled out of control. My baby became parent and boob dependent in order to sleep. It was a vicious cycle. I was feeding her every 45 minutes at night because that was the only way she could go back to sleep. We were both exhausted and it didn’t help

Your book was recommended to me by a friend…

Your book was recommended to me by a friend when my little boy was born. Everyone told me he would just ‘fall into a routine’ but as a first time mum I had no idea what to expect. We started implemented your ideas at around 5 months (bedtime routine,etc) and it’s been fantastic. Hes slept through the night from 6 months, has had a fairly regular routine and when he’s had the normal teething and sickness blips we get back on track straight away. It’s made me totally relaxed with his ‘routine’ and we can bring him anywhere at any time as I know it won’t

So happy so thank you very much.

We bought your book in December and began making chances to my 16month old’s day routine and we saw big improvements at night time. Last Monday we began the stay and support approach and for the first time in 16months he has slept through the night ?unfotuntley he has a head cold at the minute but we are still seeing so much improvemnt in his sleep. I breastfed him until 10months with several night wakings and holding him to sleep which I then replaced with pacing and rocking to sleep. My daughter is nearly 3 and half years old and she is now sleeping all night

I’d highly recommend Lucy’s book to anyone in need of a nights sleep!!!

I bought Lucy’s book when my daughter was 5.5 months old. Initially I was sceptical that reading a book could transform my daughters poor sleeping habits! She needed to be nursed to sleep or else buggy/Car for naps. All her naps were short and she woke multiple times a night, needing a feed to resettle. I followed Lucy’s plan and within 10 days my little girl was settling herself to sleep for her naps and also bedtime. Her bedtime also changed from 10pm to 7pm! As she has gotten older I have adjusted her routine according to Lucy’s routines and she has maintained her 7pm bedtime,

Happy mummy and happy baby ? thank you so much .

My little girl is 1 now and has been sleeping through since she was 7 months old because I implemented the self settling approach that you teach on your book,she used to have all her naps on my arms and would wake up many times during the night.I was able to teach her to self settle and to sleep in her cot during her naps thanks to you.Happy mummy and happy baby ? thank you so much

Your book has transformed my life.

your book has transformed my life. all it took was implementing your nap schedule. my 8 mo didnt sleep day or night. your book was recommended by a friend. she now naps twice a day and sleeps with 1 or 2 wake up at night. she was co sleeping.. wanted ro feed all night woke minimum 8 times. we were both exhausted. shes now in her own room . i still feed before bed but mostly shes awake going into cot and settles easily enough. and still feed on demand but the demands are far less. i honestly didnt believe it could work. THANK YOU so

Your book only arrived today…

Hi, Your book only arrived today. But I had been reading your articles over the last few days while I anxiously waited!! Some things we tried this week were starting their wake time earlier, we tried to be more scheduled with their nap and bedtime. one twin screams the house down going to bed lately, he was actually holding onto me as I got closer to his cot tonight. I have really only had a chance to scan sections of the book so far today but tonight I sat on the floor beside him… within 15 minutes he was fast asleep! A major record lately, it’s

Your book is fantastic.

Your book is fantastic. I’ve read a number of baby sleep book and your book is the best by far; you do something that the rest of the books don’t do which is very important for compliance with the routines/ interventions; you explain why one needs to do x, y or z. You also are a lot more flexible in your approach than a lot of the books which is more appealing to families.” Firstly I would like to thank you! Thank you for giving us our life back. Before your book my son could wake 20+ times a night sometimes for 10 minutes sometimes for

Your book is fantastic.

Your book is fantastic. I’ve read a number of baby sleep book and your book is the best by far; you do something that the rest of the books don’t do which is very important for compliance with the routines/ interventions; you explain why one needs to do x, y or z. You also are a lot more flexible in your approach than a lot of the books which is more appealing to families.

Many, many thanks again …..

Hi Lucy…sorry for e-mailing on a Sat night but I’m just bursting to let you know how your book has changed our lives!!! I discovered last night that we have a new taoiseach and that the UK are leaving the EU!!! I started both your sleep training and night feed weaning our gorgeous baby girl S last Sunday night and every night since about Thursday I’ve seen the 9.00 news…last night I think she slept right through the night…i know I did!!! Many, many thanks again …..

Can’t recommend the book enough.

……Can’t recommend the book enough, having not been in a position to pay for private help from Lucy I bought the book and hoped that I would be able to “fix” sleep for all of us! My little boy was 10 months and had never had a nap in his cot, he would only nap for 45min-1hr max once or twice a day in the buggy but it could take 45mins rocking to get him down, at night it was even worse, an hour or two of daddy and I pacing the floors, singing, rocking and anything else we could think of to get him to

I bought your book….

Since then I have started to use your guidelines and have seen a massive improvement in his sleep. So he wakes any time between 6 and 7 although today we went to 7 10am!!. Has his bottle within a half hour and then his breakfast shortly after. Then two hours later he goes for his nap in his cot, blinds pulled with a soother and muslin cloth, he sleeps on his side and generally we just leave him down and walk out and he goes asleep himself! Amazing! The odd time we could have tears or he may need more help. This goes for all sleeps

Book rewiev

We have O sleeping 10.5 to 11 hours after reading your book, we did the stay and support method and for the last 3 weeks we have a new child so we would like to say thank you so much for all your help………..

Just to say, the book is fantastic.

….So I went out and bought your book on Friday and read through it all. We started implementing your suggested routine straight away and have successfully gotten baby to sleep at bedtime and 2 morning naps now using the stay and support approach (instead of nursing). Just to say, the book is fantastic. Well laid out and easy to flick through when you are desperately searching for quick answers! I found myself crying when I read about providing more one on one time with baby because I hadn’t been doing this at all believing nursing was our one on one time. Thank you, you’ve also helped

From a very happy Mommy…..

.I just want to say thank you for your book! It’s absolutely magical and I’ve only been following your guides for less than a week. I have a 5.5 month old baby boy named S. I know that you don’t recommend “sleep training” before 6 months but we were desperate! Sam was a cat napper and a very poor one at that. We had somehow fallen into the habit of nursing him to sleep, which meant short naps, frequent wakings, and reversing his feeds so that he ate all night long and only snacked during the day. We have already managed to teach him to go

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