Can’t recommend the book enough.

……Can’t recommend the book enough, having not been in a position to pay for private help from Lucy I bought the book and hoped that I would be able to “fix” sleep for all of us! My little boy was 10 months and had never had a nap in his cot, he would only nap for 45min-1hr max once or twice a day in the buggy but it could take 45mins rocking to get him down, at night it was even worse, an hour or two of daddy and I pacing the floors, singing, rocking and anything else we could think of to get him to sleep, he was always in our bed by 3-4am or earlier. My partner was exhausted as he didn’t sleep once baby was in bed so ended up on the couch most nights to just get a little sleep before work. With a new baby due this Christmas we were at the end of our ropes with it all and very worried about baby arriving.

Ever the sceptic my partner didn’t think just reading a book and changing the routine would do much, I secretly didn’t think I could do it either but was determined to try.

He started to sleep through straight away, naps improved within a week or two and within a month baby was falling asleep by himself usually within 10mins after being settled into his cot. He now sleeps at least 11hrs every night, no waking at all, naps are fantastically predictable too, in fact some days I have to wake him because he has slept too long! The grumpy screeching baby is gone and a happy well rested one year old in his place!Thanks Lucy, it took a bit of patience but it worked.

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