Connection Point – Mahon Point SC, Cork

Connection Point is a 7- week series of social and information-orientated sessions hosted by Rachel O’Sullivan of Baby Chi and Sleep Consultant Lucy Wolfe, that creates an inclusive space for mums and their babies to connect with each other, share their experiences and receive support from a range of professionals that may enlighten and lighten their mother-load.

Mothering asks much of the woman without adequate resources as she navigates the lived reality of becoming a mother, that may challenge every aspect of herself-psychologically, developmentally, and physically; all whilst she manages the intensive care needs of the baby. 

Connection Point strives to provide mothers with social and practical support in a non-judgmental and compassionate setting. 

04/08 Frank Kelleher- Paediatric Osteopath. Dad of 3.

11/08 Orla Dorgan-General Nurse and Lactation Consultant. Mum of 3.

18/08 Steph O’Flynn- Parent and Relationship Mentor and Yoga Teacher. Mum of 4.

25/08 Parent First Aid-CPR, choking, seizures and more.

01/09 Rachel O”Sullivan- Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor. Tummy-Time, Reflux and Sleep Specialist. Mum of 2.

08/09 Dr. Fiona Barry-General Practitioner and Woman’s Health Specialist.

15/09 Lucy Wolfe, Sleep Consultant, Author, and Relationship Mentor. Mum of 4. 

Join us each Friday 10am -12pm in the community room located at Mahon Point SC, Cork for 7-weeks, commencing 4th August for a connected, informative, baby friendly session. Tea and Coffee provided. €140 for the entire course.

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