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How much is sleep deprivation costing your business?

If you are looking for an innovative, informative and engaging talk or seminar for your staff members or partners, then consider booking me, Lucy Wolfe, leading Irish baby and child sleep consultant, for a session today.

My style is informal and yet highly educational with every participant leaving the room with some new knowledge that they will be able to put into practice that very night.

I am an experienced speaker at company events, healthcare professional seminars and study days, parenting and community groups throughout Ireland.

Each presentation can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Did you know that over 50% of the world’s population claim to be over-tired and the effects of poor sleep have a significant impact on our physical, mental and emotional health and in turn a negative impact on our work performance?

Parents of babies and toddlers make up a large proportion of Irelands’ workforce and almost always suffer from some level of sleep deprivation.

Some employees are the parents of children who have a number of sleep problems that constantly require Mum or Dad to do something to them to get them to go to sleep and to continually minister to them during the night to help them to go back to sleep. These adults experience fragmented, poor quality, non-restorative sleep, resulting in an over-tired employee at the start of each working day.

One in four families experience sleeping problem with regard to their children and the knock on effect to business is not to be underestimated. Tired, stressed and less productive employees. Sound familiar? In fact, a recent US survey estimated that sleep deprivation costs the nation an estimated $150 billion a year due to lost workdays and drops in productivity.

Reports claim that sleep deprivation can have the same effect as being under the influence of alcohol and yet whilst an employer would most certainly send home someone who arrived for work drunk, you are not likely to send home a staff member because they didn’t have a full night’s sleep last night.

Lack of sleep in adults has an enormous effect on their performance with
• Reduced concentration and efficiency
• Reduced alertness and decision-making skills
• Loss of motivation
• Errors of omission
• Errors of commission
• Poor judgement
• Less creativity
• Poor memory

Companies have a vested interest in helping their staff overcome child sleep problems and counter the negative effects of sleep deprivation at work that would potentially see less lost workdays, fewer mistakes and better productivity.

Lucy Wolfe, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant of Sleep Matters-Help Your Child Sleep, works with Irish businesses to help their staff overcome child sleep problems and counter the negative effects of sleep deprivation at work.

Make your workforce more effective

Sleep Matters offers businesses a highly informative and engaging talk or seminar focused on addressing common sleeping problems that parents experience.


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Some very practical tips for me as a new nurse dealing with mothers & babies”

“Many thanks for organising today’s session – I’m sure I’m not the only appreciative sleep-deprived parent who thought it was fantastic!

If there is any chance of having Lucy back here at Citi, that’d be amazing, I felt torn between interrupting her with questions and listening to her very knowledgeable tips.
Armed with my new-found facts I will definitely be putting into practice some of her tips tonight.
Thanks again, really found today’s session useful.”

“I have gained valuable tips for new mothers to aid routine and sleep patterns”

“Totally understandable and enjoyable”

“Very informative – of great interest to PHNs and everyone who has suffered with sleep”