Every parent should have a copy.

I bought this book at the baby fare in the RDS last year while I was expecting. I read the book before my baby was born but I never truly anticipated that I would need help getting my baby to sleep!! I ended up breastfeeding my baby (despite not planning to do so) and our sleeping routine spiralled out of control. My baby became parent and boob dependent in order to sleep. It was a vicious cycle. I was feeding her every 45 minutes at night because that was the only way she could go back to sleep. We were both exhausted and it didn’t help that she was a very poor day time napper. She was getting 50 minutes a day. Thankfully she always enjoyed going to bed early, around 6.30/7.00 pm but I had to stay in bed with her as we were co sleeping and she needed me every 45 minutes so I was bedroom bound for the night. This day last week I took Lucy’s book out and I read it from front to back! To make a long story short, our 5 month old is now having 3/4 daytime naps, lasting between 40 minutes to an hour and a half. She is sleeping in her crib beside our bed and is waking approximately twice during the night for a feed. If she wakes any subsequent time she puts herself back to sleep. She still isn’t particularly happy going to sleep and cries for a short while but we just sit and reassure her and she usually nods off within 15 minutes. In a week we all have a whole new lease of life! And I don’t feel as hopeless anymore! Happy baby, happy mammy, all thanks to Lucy. Oh and it’s also worth noting that I love that she doesn’t recommend the cry it approach. Stay and support is the only way to go! Could not recommend this book enough. Every parent should have a copy.

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