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Baby’s Bedtime Basics

Here are the links from my new television sleep series on TV3’s Ireland Am show. We will be following the sleep learning process of 14 month old Nathan and throughout the weeks will also be we will also be addressing other sleep issues that parents experience.


1: If your baby isn’t sleeping properly it can have a detrimental effect on the family we kick off a brand new series to help your baby sleep better, by following the progress of fourteen month old Nathan Stafford.

2: Fourteen month old Nathan Stafford has trouble sleeping through the night. Sleep expert Lucy Wolfe has been offering advice to Nathan’s parents. Nathan’s Mum Jacquie joins us now to let us know how it’s been going. 

3: Now we’ve almost come to the end of our Baby’s Bedtime Basics series, and we got such a huge response from parents that we decided to dedicate this morning’s slot to answering your questions. 

4: Over the course of the last month, sleep expert, Lucy Wolfe has been giving Nathan’s mum, Jacquie and dad, Dave advice on helping him to sleep better.


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