So happy so thank you very much.

We bought your book in December and began making chances to my 16month old’s day routine and we saw big improvements at night time. Last Monday we began the stay and support approach and for the first time in 16months he has slept through the night ?unfotuntley he has a head cold at the minute but we are still seeing so much improvemnt in his sleep. I breastfed him until 10months with several night wakings and holding him to sleep which I then replaced with pacing and rocking to sleep. My daughter is nearly 3 and half years old and she is now sleeping all night in her bed since we implemented the routine for her. We were lying down with her and either getting into her bed or taking her into our bed. Evening and night time has been transformed in our house, it’s amazing. I’m sure in the next few weeks my son will be settled. So happy so thank you very much.

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