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Helping Parents Overcome Sleep Challenges in a Compassionate, Non-Judgemental Setting

From 6 months of age onwards-Working directly with me one a one to one basis will give you the confidence to make the necessary changes.  My support and guidance will help you implement the plan I will devise for you and motivate you to succeed. The plan is developed based specifically on your child’s, age, stage and your personal parenting preferences.  If you are in Cork or close by, we will meet in person in my practise close to the city centre, but if you are somewhere else in Ireland or indeed overseas, I have equal success working remotely with families, using either Video Calls or telephone, with clients to date, all over Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France, American, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Africa and China. I work with children from 6 months to around 6 years old. I work  on a professional individual basis so that I can safely and appropriately provide advice for your specific family unit.

 Here is an idea of the process if you would like to work with me directly.
  • Parents complete a Client History Review  that allows me to uncover the issues that exist and based on that information I begin to create a plan specifically for your family
  • Then we will do our consultation hosted via Zoom: that typically takes me about 1 hour
  • During this time I will go through all the relevant information, supply different options and fine tune the details so that at the end of our meeting you will have a step by step written plan that you can begin to implement under my guidance
  • Whilst I do not advocate cry intensive methods, I cannot guarantee that your child won’t cry, but I will not ask you to leave your child alone, all my plans are designed to minimise crying and I advise about my Stay-and-Support Approach that I developed,  and then I work on phasing the parent out of the bedroom, if required, as your child feels more safe and secure in the context of their sleep.. and as their Sleep Ability emerges
  • Subsequent to our initial consultation I provide support calls (6) and emails (2) as you make the  changes and go through the process so that I can make adjustments, refine the detail, make necessary changes; depending on how you and your child responds, so that you achieve your sleep goals. These calls and emails must be used within the month after our first support call
  • I am committed to helping families and have an extremely high success rate (98%) with parents that work with me, follow all my recommendations and suggestions and have no underlying medical issues
  • On completion of our time together I provide a full set of supporting documents that help you through future transitions to age 4+
  • The cost is €495 per child or €545 for multiples (twins, triplets- not siblings)
  • You Can Read What Other Parents Have to Say About My Work Here
  • I also provide additional support to existing clients should sleep issues arise during transitions or travel and sickness after our initial work together (fee based)

Yes! I want Your Help!

There are countless reasons why children have sleep challenges, and remember, none of us as parents, set out for it to be this way….

Here in my practise I encounter some of, or a combination of these potential issues, on a daily basis:

  • Need the breast or bottle to get some or all of the way to sleep
  • Wakes throughout the night to feed, breast or bottle
  • Need to be rocked, patted, held or rubbed to sleep
  • Requires a parent to stay at bedtime
  • Can only sleep in parent’s bed either at bedtime or overnight or both
  • Wakes almost hourly once he has gone to sleep at bedtime
  • Needs the dummy  re-plugged multiple times during the night
  • Takes ages to go to sleep at bedtime
  • Refuses to go to bed
  • Refuses to stay in bed
  • Wakes during the night and stays awake for large periods of time
  • Wakes during the night for feeds and to come into bed with you
  • Wakes early in the morning
  • Resists daytime naps
  • Only sleeps for 20-40 minutes at a time for day

I recognise that if you are reading this you may  be over-tired and not have had uninterrupted sleep for a long time.  To begin my sleep programs you do not have to complete a lengthy sleep diary.  Completion of a simple Client History Review will enable me to identify core contributory factors and devise a suitable, bespoke sleep plan for your family that encourages better sleep to emerge.

Even if you have already tried everything-and I hear that all of the time!

Gina Ford, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Super Nanny, My own book even! Cry it Out or any other sleep training program or book, I will be able to help you improve your child’s sleep. I will devise a comprehensive, customised, step by step plan, designed to minimise crying and maximise your ability to correct the issues that exist. I stand over my work, committed to helping you get a full night’s sleep and work with you for the month following our meeting to help and support you, make adjustments to the plan and ultimately get your family a restful night’s sleep.

To achieve good sleep you do not have to give up breastfeeding, room sharing, co sleeping, get rid of dummies for example and you definitely do not have to cry it out.

With commitment, collaboration and predictability from parents and specific guidance,  motivation and support from me; you can expect to see improvement in as little as 4-6 days and most certainly within 2 weeks.  It typically takes me 3/4 weeks to compete the process, during which time it is not advisable to go on holiday, have a sleep over, vaccinations or go away for a weekend.  It can take the brain 3-4 weeks to learn a new pattern  and I want you do give your child the best opportunity to learn.

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