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Helping parents overcome sleep challenges in a compassionate, non-judgmental setting

From 6 months of age onwards-working directly with me one a one-to-one basis will give you the confidence to make the necessary changes.  My support and guidance will help you implement the plan I will devise for you and motivate you to succeed. The plan is developed based specifically on your child’s, age, stage and your personal parenting preferences.  I work remotely via zoom with families worldwide. I will see you once your baby is 6 months plus of age- before this timeframe I encourage that you would use my online courses or books as a resource in the first few months, as very often the challenges that you report are representative of typical infant sleep. I work on a professional, individual basis so that I can safely and appropriately provide support for your specific family unit.

 Here is an idea of the process if you would like to work with me directly.
  • I request that parents complete an in-depth client history review that allows me to immerse in your story from birth onwards, gaining an understanding of your child’s stage of emotional and physical development and what is behaviorally and environmentally contributing to the reported sleep challenges.
  • Based on the information gathered, I begin to design a sleep plan created specifically for your family.  I provide all consultations via my personal meeting room on zoom. This meeting takes about 1 hour.  During this time, I will go through all the information with you, ask questions and supply different suggestions, gradually finetuning the details, whilst honoring your child’s individuality.  At the end of the meeting and forwarded to you in writing, by the end of that day, you will have a comprehensive, step by step written plan, that you can start to implement under my expert guidance and professionally delivered supervision.
  • Whilst I do not advocate cry intensive methods, I cannot guarantee that your child won’t cry as they go through the process.  I will not ask you to leave your child alone. All my plans are sensitively curated to minimize tears with maximum support offered to your child.  I always encourage parents to stay with their child, recommending processes that allow the parent to be present and available as appropriate, as your child learns and develops their sleep ability. Overtime, as necessary, I gently phase the parent out of the context of the child’s sleep, as they become a more reliable sleeper, feeling more safe and secure in the changes introduced.  This is always at the rate and the pace that feels right to all.
  • After our initial consultation, I provide a series of 15-minute scheduled support and guidance consultations and emails as you make the changes and go through the process.  These exchanges allow me to witness how the process is unfolding, and to adjust and tailor your plan further.  This focused work responds to how you and your child experience the changes.  Continued suggestions are provided so that we can reach realistic sleep goals and promote the future of your child’s sleep profile.  These interactions are generally carried out within 1 month or so of the first support consultation.  I only complete your file when we agree together that achievements have been realised.
  • Embedded in all our consultations is a Co-Creational therapeutic style of holding space.  I am committed to helping families and have an extremely high success rate (98%) with parents that work with me and follow my suggestions and guidance and have no underlying medical issues.  I work full-time and therefore, I reply efficiently to emails, and I precisely honour the meeting times that we agree, throughout the entire time.  You can be assured of my attention and dedication to resolving the challenges experienced- delivered with efficiency, confidence, kindness, and compassion.
  • On completion of our time together, I provide a full set of written notes that assists through future sleep changes and nap transitions to age 4 plus.
  • My high level of education, training and experience within sleep and mentoring, honed over more than 12 years of working one to one with parents and their children, alongside a proven and well documented track record, means that you can feel comfortable in engaging my services, knowing that you will be held, supported, and guided sensitively, appropriately, and effectively.
  • The depth of relationship established with parents and the success of the sleep work has resulted in 1000’s of parents adding to a full list of testimonials.  You Can Read What Other Parents Have to Say About My Work Here
  • The cost for the entire service outlined is €665, the balance of which is payable 7 days before the meeting date and time and refers to the treatment of one child.

Yes! I want Your Help!

There are countless reasons why children and their parents experience sleep challenges….

Here in my practice, I encounter some of, or a combination of these potential issues, on a daily basis:

  • Your child may wake frequently overnight
  • Your child may wake for a long period of time overnight
  • They may wake at 4 or 5am to start the day
  • They may resist bedtime-taking 1-3 hours to go to sleep
  • They may fight daytime sleep
  • May sleep for short intervals by day
  • May need parent support | buggy or car to achieve sleep
  • Require multiple night feeds
  • Require parental presence and high-level support at bedtime and through the night
  • Can only sleep in parent’s bed either at bedtime or overnight or both
  • Wakes almost hourly once he has gone to sleep at bedtime
  • Needs the dummy re-plugged multiple times during the night
  • Refuses to go to bed
  • Refuses to stay in bed
  • Wakes during the night for feeds and to come into bed with you
  • Only sleeps for 20-40 minutes at a time for day

I recognize that if you are reading this you may be over-tired and not have had uninterrupted sleep for a long time.  To begin my sleep process, you do not have to complete a lengthy sleep diary.  Completion of a simple client history review will enable me to identify core contributory emotional and developmental factors providing scope to devise a suitable, bespoke sleep plan for your family that encourages better sleep to emerge.

Even if you have already tried everything-and I hear that all of the time! Gina Ford, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Super Nanny, My own books and courses even! Cry it Out or any other sleep program or book, I will be able to help you improve your child’s sleep. I will devise a comprehensive, customized, step by step plan, designed to minimize crying and maximize your ability to address the issues that exist. I stand over my work, committed to helping you get a better night’s sleep.  I work with you for the month or so, following our meeting to help, support and accompany you, to make adjustments to the plan and ultimately get your family a restful night’s sleep.

To achieve good sleep, you do not have to give up breastfeeding, room sharing, co sleeping, get rid of dummies for example and you definitely do not have to cry it out.

With commitment, collaboration and predictability from parents and specific guidance, motivation, mentoring and support from me; you can expect to see improvement in as little as 4-6 days and most certainly within 2 weeks.  It typically takes me 3-4 weeks to complete the process, during which time it is not advisable to go on holiday, have a sleep over, vaccinations or go away for a weekend.  It can take the brain 3-4 weeks to learn a new pattern and I want you do give your child the best opportunity to learn.

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