I will never be able to thank her enough for her expertise, professionalism and kindness

Six weeks before we started with Lucy we were lost. We were lost as a family without even knowing
it. I was lost as a person, the old me was gone.
I had lost ‘the old me’ somewhere between my pregnancy, suffering from severe hyperemesis
gravidarum and the post natal depression which followed it. I lived for my two boys and began to
feel that I was the only person who could deal with and care for our youngest – the same little man
that I wondered for nine months if I would ever get to meet. The pregnancy became a survival, the
post natal depression became survival and then, of course, survival became our way of life.
Fast forward 21 months and we were in a loop of me co-sleeping with the youngest, through the
night bottles (up to 30 oz), baby shouting and thrashing in sleep, him sleeping on my face – the list is
endless. We were living though a survival mode that I had created, forgetting our happy life we once
I was ‘surviving’ on 3-4 hours sleep a night, which obviously impacted on me and everyone else in
the family. It was, in hindsight, a miserable existence but I could see no way out. My family advised
and encouraged me to contact Lucy but I was far too busy ‘surviving’ to see a way out.
Well, eventually I came to it myself- out of a realisation that I couldn’t possibly go on living the way
life had become. So, I made the best decision I have made in the last three and a half years – I
reached out to Lucy. From moment one she was so genuine and caring. She dealt with our litany of
issues as if they were totally normal. I felt safe and totally confident after our 1 st call, we were
equipped with our direct, personalised notes and advice, we knew exactly what ‘the plan’ was and
how to implement it. I also knew and felt that I was personally tucked under Lucy’s wing – she had
told me directly that she was going to keep an eye specifically on me throughout the process
because of the personal issues I had with the post natal depression and subsequent
attachment/separation issues.
I cannot even begin to describe the positive changes, which came much quicker than we anticipated
and were then ‘bedded down’ over the six weeks. Lucy has helped to bring every member of our
family back to where we needed to be. We laugh and play together again, we sing and dance as a
family, we get outdoors in fresh air. Most importantly, the link to all of this, we all sleep. We all have
restful nights and happy days.
What more could I have asked for, I found myself again, I’m ready emotionally and physically to
exercise, to chat to my friends, to tackle normal family challenges and to enjoy my wonderful
children and husband.
Lucy is a truly wonderful and extremely genuine person who was always there for us, every single
step of the way. I once said to her my only regret was not coming sooner – she replied that she
believed I came when I was ready – how true. I am so so grateful to have found Lucy and
subsequently found myself and my family again.
I will never be able to thank her enough for her expertise, professionalism and kindness. She is an absolute star!

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