it felt like Lucy got to know T and what he needed very quickly

We reached out to Lucy for help with our 2 year old, after I had followed her on Instagram and read her wonderful book. Both Lucy’s Instagram account and the book helped us immensely but we felt that we needed that extra bit of personal support to put things into practice.

Our little boy T needed one of us to lie next to him to help him fall to sleep every night, this could take an hour and then he would wake in the night and we would bring him into our bed as an easy option, as a result we hadn’t had a nights sleep since he had been born.

We struggled on believing that we must be able to fix this ourselves and then finally recognised that we needed help, now looking back I wish we had contacted Lucy sooner. From the first call Lucy’s gentle and reassuring approach gave us faith that we could get T to settle himself to sleep and to stay in his cot until the morning. Lucy prepared us for what we needed to change and personalised it to T. Lucy’s weekly calls offered us support and feedback and when we started to drift back to old ways she was there to remind us of what we needed to do. She supported us through every stage and we could not have got there without her.

 We conducted our meetings over Skype because we are in England but that never mattered it felt like Lucy was right there with us. Within a week we had major improvements in T’s sleep and now we have a little boy who settles himself to sleep, and sleeps through the night. It felt like Lucy got to know T and what he needed very quickly but she never forgot us in the equation and was so supportive. As a result of working with Lucy, my husband and I feel like ourselves again, Lucy is a great listener, she puts you at ease  and we will miss our regular catch ups with her. Lucy is the kind of person that you naturally want to talk to and we can’t really express in words what she has done for us. It is reassuring to know that she is there should we need help in the future. A million thank you’s Lucy!