It has changed our lives and we are so grateful to Lucy. 

We are so glad we contacted Lucy to help us sleep train our 8 month old. Not only did we get the result we wanted but Lucy made the process to achieve it very easy. I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily we achieved it. I was co- sleeping and breastfeeding our daughter on demand through the night prior to contacting Lucy. In a very short space of time with minimum upset for our daughter she is now consistently sleeping 11 hours straight through the night in her cot and breastfeeding during the day only. I never thought it was possible with my breastfed baby to achieve this but Lucy made it easy. Lucy was great every step of the way and really offered great support in helping us achieve this. I was anxious at the initial stage of the plan but Lucy knew just what to do to make the transition as smooth as possible. I put my trust in Lucy and followed her advice and it worked amazingly well. It has changed our lives and we are so grateful to Lucy.