It is the best decision we ever made, thank you Lucy for helping us achieve what we thought was impossible!!!

We went to see Lucy just after our little girl turned 1. She had bad silent reflux when she was born and as a result relied heavily on adult input to get to sleep. We had every sleep association possible – rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep, singing to sleep, co sleeping etc (often all at the same time!) and even then baby would only sleep for stretches of 40 mins to 2 hours at a time.

I thought we were beyond help as the habits were so ingrained which is why we put it off for so long, finally after a year and pure exhaustion we made the appointment with Lucy.

I was very sceptical – not of Lucy’s ability but I couldn’t believe that we could ever get to the stage where our baby would sleep for any long length of time, let alone fall asleep independently. Once the appointment was made but before we met Lucy we bought the Baby Sleep Solution book and started implementing it in a bid to have some of the ground work done. From the first night we saw instant results, and using the strategies our baby slept for 6 hours straight – we were in disbelief! We continued to see huge improvements but we still wanted our consultation with Lucy to iron out some old habits. To be able to discuss the specifics of your baby with someone and have them guide you through every step has been invaluable.

Another reason I held off for so long was because I am totally anti ‘cry it out’ or ‘controlled crying’ and I didn’t believe good sleep could be achieved without these. I can say with honesty using Lucy’s methods we never left our baby to cry as we worked through the sleep issues – she was comforted, calmed and we were physically right next to her every step of the way. Our little girl now goes into her cot awake, falls asleep easily and 90% of the time sleeps through the night.

We still cannot believe it, we are so grateful to Lucy for helping us and for being so supportive, encouraging, pragmatic, and above all else kind when we were so deep in the lack of sleep fog. It is the best decision we ever made, thank you Lucy for helping us achieve what we thought was impossible!!!

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