It took time and persistence, but it is really worth it.

The biggest THANKS goes to you, Lucy, from our home. You are an extremely knowledgeable lady.
We worked with Lucy directly on two separate occasions for both our children. Our problem was trying to get our children into sleep at night, when it could be 12 o clock, after 4 hours battling before they would sleep (they slept all night once sleeping but getting them off to sleep was a significant issue) and day time naps were a no go!!
Two extremely exhausting parents made contact with Lucy, and we haven’t looked back. Struggling and battling every bedtime and nap was physically and emotionally draining. Both our children were never nap takers from birth.
We eventually gave in and reached out for help firstly from our PHN when our 1st born was around 1year. The PHN met with us and after a discussion of the baby’s routine and sleep times etc. she referred us to a sleep clinic locally, but it was such a long waiting list – over 6-9 months to be precise.
One evening my husband was driving home, and he heard Lucy on the radio and thought this is who we need. So, the thought process and questions started; will we try Lucy Wolfe? How would it work; she is in Cork, we are in Donegal? The questions kept going over in our heads. We decided to email and asked how it all worked.
We took the leap to work with Lucy on a one to one basis, and we have never looked back hence why we reached out to Lucy again for our second child. Lucy devised an individual plan for us to work with our children. We are forever grateful. Our children go into their nap without crying or fuss.
It took time and persistence, but it is really worth it. I was worried at one stage thinking this isn’t working, or is there something wrong with my child? But Lucy had the answers and the hard work and time paid off as we now have very happy, content children and parents at nap time and bedtime.
We tell everyone about you and recommend you all the time once anyone mentions any sleep issue.
Delighted Parents
100% recommend this lady to anyone who needs sleep support for their child/children in any way big or small.