Lucy has been all I wished for and more in a sleep consultant

Lucy has been all I wished for and more in a sleep consultant. She has helped with my little boy, who has just turned 1. He was waking up frequently through the night, still feeding twice a night and was difficult to get him to sleep without me rocking him. The first week although the toughest was also where the huge changes started to happened. All the process was gentle so that my little boy was weaned slowly. Within 5 days he was night weaned and sleeping through, my husband and I couldn’t believe it. We are realistic in that things get in the way and can disturb sleep. About half way through our son got a virus so his sleep was really affected, but Lucy who was so sympathetic sent through advice on how to keep up the sleep tips whilst he was poorly and we postponed any follow ups until we were back on track. We are all getting more sleep now and Theo is one happy giggling little baby! I can’t thank her enough. I have promised myself if there are any big hiccups in the future I will be coming to her.