Lucy’s advice was gentle, supportive and always kept baby in mind

Lucy was my personal trainer for sleep, simply put. Knowing I would be checking in with her after her guidance enabled myself and my husband help our 10 month old son sleep soundly. I called myself a baby led mum, and was happy to still follow baby, while at the same time realising where I wasn’t actually helping baby!

My son had been waking every two hours all night long and at 10 months even the lactation consultant was suggesting baby could go four hours so I knew it wasn’t a hungry baby situation. There are so many views and opinions out there and as a psychologist I was acutely aware of not letting my child ‘cry it out’ but more than that, as a mum, like all mums, I wanted to ensure we were doing the best we could for our son.
Lucy’s advice was gentle, supportive and always kept baby in mind. My son took to her advice and our simple changes so easily, and within a couple of nights we could see he was enjoying his new routine. Within a week we were finally getting evenings back to ourselves as mum and dad (important for couples!) and within two weeks we were seeing our son wake and resettle himself naturally! We aren’t even sure we know how he did it except we realise he must feel safe, secure and well responded to in order to achieve this in such a relaxed manner.
Bedtime is now a joy and daytime is even more fun with a well rested baby …not to mention mum and dad! Thank you Lucy for listening, supporting and explaining the science of sleep. Anyone who fears ‘sleep training’, just eliminate the word training and leave yourself with the sweet sound of the word – sleep – 😴

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