Parenting is hard hard work. It doesn’t need to be done on extreme lack of sleep

We worked with Lucy over a number of weeks to improve our twin boys C and L’s sleep and it was honestly the best money we have spent since having them.

C and L were born at 32 weeks gestation. They were in generally good health but they suffered badly from colic and reflux when very young. As the months went on they grew out of the colic but still had reflux. When we introduced solid foods, the reflux eased but they then suffered with slow digestion resulting in very bad wind pains.

Their sleep with these problems as you can imagine was a nightmare. Lying flat exacerbated the issues.

As time went on their tummies did improve but they still weren’t 100%.

I contacted Lucy to see if she could help us with their sleep. I was at my wits end. My husband and I were sleeping in seperate rooms and taking it in shifts to look after the boys during the night so that we could each get some precious undisturbed sleep.

Lucy was very open and honest with us from the start. She reviewed our notes on the boys and advised us that she could help but if there was an underlying medical issue affecting their sleep that she may only be able to bring us so far.

I had to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. We worked with Lucy over a number of weeks. The boys were 11 months old (9 months corrected). Lucy helped us drop their soothers, wean off milk feeds at night, introduce 2 naps in their cots and implement a solid bedtime routine. We had a lot of work to get through all while still dealing with their digestive issues. We felt so supported throughout. Lucy helped us to tweak their feeding and sleeping schedule during the day and in the evening to help alleviate the digestive issues as much as possible. This meant allowing more time between giving meals and nap times.

It’s not a magic wand, it takes work and patience and persistence, but when we finally got to the point where we had two naps uninterrupted in the cot for 1hr15+ each, a good bedtime routine, the ability to put our babies into their cots and walk out of their room leaving them to go to sleep themslves, and a night’s sleep from 7pm til 6.30am, it really did feel like magic.

I rave about Lucy to all of my friends and any struggling mothers I speak to. She’s an absolute master at her craft and I think all parents would benefit from her knowledge, be it in the form of her book or working with her directly. If you are looking for a present for new parents, gift her book “The baby sleep solution” or the soon to be released “The baby sleep solution explained”.

Parenting is hard hard work. It doesn’t need to be done on extreme lack of sleep. I enjoy my days with the babies so much more now that the fog has lifted. They are happier for getting a night sleep and we are much happier as a well rested family.