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Sleep Success Support Program

Available to parent’s of children, all over Ireland (and over-seas), who are struggling with their children’s sleep from 6 months to 6 years of age

€395 per child

€445 for twins

One to One In Person or via Skype|Facetime|Telephone

Client History Review 2017

  • I request that clients complete a client history review, that allows me to uncover the issues and based on that information I begin to create a sleep strategy specifically for your family.
  • Then we will do our consultation-Cork based clinic| Skype | facetime | phone- that typically takes me about 1 hour. During this time I will go through all the information, supply different options and fine tune the details so that at the end of our meeting you will have a step by step written plan that you can begin to implement
  • Advice provided will have an emphasis on sleep, feeding structure and your child’s emotional well being
  • Whilst I do not advocate cry it out or controlled crying I cannot guarantee that your child won’t cry, but I will not ask you to leave your child alone, all my plans are designed to minimise crying and I advise about my stay and support approach that I recommend and then I work on phasing the parent out of the bedroom as your child feels more safe and secure in the context of their sleep
  • Subsequent to our initial consultation I provide on-going support calls (6) and emails (2) as you make the  changes and go through the process so that I can make adjustments, refine the detail, depending on how you and your child responds so that you achieve your sleep goals. These calls must be used within the month after our meeting
  • I am committed to helping families and have an extremely high 98% success rate with parents of healthy, typically developing children that follow my advice and guidelines and are consistent
  • On completion of your file I provide additional written notes to help you through schedule changes and nap transitions to age 5
  • I also offer additional support to existing clients should sleep issues arise during transitions or travel and sickness after our initial work together (fee based)
  • I have a proven track record with many years experience.  Worried that it won’t work for you?

It’s the only thing between you and a good night’s sleep and IT WORKS!!

Payment Options

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Price for twins €445 to include additional consultation time and 2 extra support calls**

Sleep Shaping For Expectant Parents


This gentle sleep shaping program is perfect for expectant parents that want to learn more about their child’s sleep and help avoid future sleep issues.

This is designed for parents who are ideally expecting their baby or their baby is under 4 months of age, it is information and not results based.   Here is an overview:

    • One to one consultation in my Cork based clinic| Skype | facetime | phone- that typically takes me about 45 minutes.
    • Comprehensive information for understanding your child’s sleep from birth onwards
    • Discuss common causes of sleep issues birth-4 months onwards
    • Provide a month by month guide of strategies to enable parents to lay a healthy foundation for their child’s sleep
    • Provide age appropriate sleeping and feeding suggestions from birth to 4 years of age
    • Establish appropriate soothing techniques to enable healthy sleep practices
    • Advice on establishing positive sleep associations
    • Opportunity to discuss questions parents may have
    • Notes on the information will be provided after the meeting

Get a positive sleep start for baby and you

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Confidentiality is assured at all times and your details will never be disclosed to a third party.