Reaching out to Lucy was literally life changing and we cannot thank her enough! 

Lucy has transformed our babies sleep and our whole family is so much happier and healthier as a result! We sought a consultation with Lucy when our son was 15 months old. He would take hours to settle at bedtime, would only go asleep if we were in the room and would wake frequently in the night and sometimes be awake for hours in the middle of the night. We were all exhausted and despite our best efforts to keep a routine etc. nothing seemed to help or improve our son’s sleep. We had our first consultation with Lucy online and I immediately felt at ease with her. Lucy anticipated that within a month of working together our son would go to sleep on his own, in his own room and cot. I didn’t believe this would be possible, but I thought any improvement would make a difference. She held our hands through a month of making small adjustments to our daily routine and bedtime / nighttime approach. Our son’s sleep improved slowly and there were some tough days at the start of the process, but Lucy was with us every step of the way and I trusted her completely. Her approach is very gentle which was really important to us. Having completed just one month of working with Lucy our son now goes to sleep exactly as Lucy said he would! He happily gets into the cot at bedtime. We say goodnight and leave the room, which he doesn’t mind at all, and he stays asleep until 6am with maybe one brief wake up in the night. The best part is that he is so much happier in general! He is calmer and more relaxed in general because he’s well rested and it’s so lovely to see what an improvement it’s made to his happiness. My husband and I are also so much better rested and are honestly over the moon with the difference it’s made to all of us. Reaching out to Lucy was literally life changing and we cannot thank her enough!

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