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One to One Consultation with Follow-on Support

A bespoke sleep plan, delivered via zoom, together with quality guidance, support, relational safety, and compassion. Available to parents of children worldwide who are struggling with their children’s sleep

An idea of the process:
    • I request that parents complete an in-depth client history review that allows me to immerse in your story from birth onwards, gaining an understanding of your child’s stage of emotional and physical development and what is behaviorally and environmentally contributing to the reported sleep challenges.
    • Based on the information gathered, I begin to design a sleep plan created specifically for your family.  I provide all consultations via my personal meeting room on zoom. This meeting takes about 1 hour.  During this time, I will go through all the information with you, ask questions and supply different suggestions, gradually finetuning the details, whilst honoring your child’s individuality.
    • At the end of the meeting and forwarded to you in writing, by the end of that day, you will have a comprehensive, step by step written plan, that you can start to implement under my expert guidance and professionally delivered supervision.
    • Whilst I do not advocate unattended cry -strategies, I cannot guarantee that your child won’t cry as they go through the process.  I will not ask you to leave your child alone and I will always encourage responsivity. All my plans are sensitively curated to minimize tears with maximum support offered to your child.  I always encourage parents to stay and support, physically, verbally and emotionally- recommending processes that allow the parent to be present and wholly available, as your child learns and develops their sleep ability. Overtime, as necessary, I gently phase the parent out of the context of the child’s sleep, as they become a more reliable sleeper, feeling more safe and secure in the changes introduced.  This is always at the rate and the pace that feels right to all.
    • After our initial consultation, I provide a series of (6 or 8) 15-minute scheduled support and guidance consultations and emails as you make the changes and go through the process.  These exchanges allow me to witness how the process is unfolding, and to adjust and tailor your plan further.  This focused work responds to how you and your child experience the changes.  Continued suggestions are provided so that we can reach realistic sleep goals and promote the future of your child’s sleep profile.  These interactions are generally carried out over 4-8 weeks of the first support consultation.  When extra support is required I always ensure that you get the level of help that you need as we work through all the challenges that arise, as I believe that you deserve what you need at a stressful time.
    • The reason I work over this length of time is that although we will establish improvements within the first 2 weeks, it will take longer to navigate everything that is required to fully establish and thereby future-proof your child’s sleep, especially when we are doing the work in a responsive and emotionally-oriented way.
    • Embedded in all our consultations is a Co-Creational therapeutic style of holding space.  I am committed to helping families and have an extremely high success rate with parents that work with me and follow my suggestions and guidance and have no underlying medical issues.  I work full-time and therefore, I reply efficiently to emails, and I precisely honor the meeting times that we agree, throughout the entire time.  You can be assured of my attention and dedication to resolving the challenges experienced- delivered with efficiency, confidence, kindness, and compassion.
    • On completion of our time together, I provide a full set of written notes that assists through future sleep changes and nap transitions to age 4 plus.
    • My high level of education, training, experience and ongoing research within sleep and mentoring, honed over more than 12 years of working one to one with parents and their children, alongside a proven and well documented track record, means that you can feel comfortable in engaging my services, knowing that you will be held, supported, and guided sensitively, appropriately, and effectively.
    • The depth of relationship established with parents and the success of the sleep work has resulted in 1000’s of parents adding to a full list of testimonials.  You Can Read What Other Parents Have to Say About My Work Here
    • The fees for the entire service are €550 or €650 for 6 or 8 follow on support calls respectively. Email or Contact Me Here to check availability.

Join 1000’s of well rested parents who have worked with me over more than 12 years, to achieve and maintain their child’s sleeping patterns in an emotionally appropriate way for your individual child and your family.

30 minute Sleep Chat with Lucy Wolfe

This is an informal discussion to help you gain insights to your current sleep experience in the form of a 30-minute mini consultation. Please note that there is pre-review and no after-support or written notes provided with this type of consultation. It may be useful to have a number of questions prepared to help inform the meeting and to ensure that you can get the best of our time together.

The fee for this service is €99 and you can book this service by emailing Contact Me

Why work with me?

Your child’s sleep profile is a challenge

Despite your best efforts, at 6 months of age plus you still experience a number of challenges such as sleep resistance, frequent night waking, long wake times over-night, excessive upset, short naps, and early rising, for example. You may also have feeding, weaning, and behavioral concerns that are interrelated.

You don’t know where to start

As your child’s sleep is multi-dimensional and entirely unique, general recommendations may not always apply and conflicting information and emotions may undermine your efforts. You may begin to second guess yourself too. This can mean starting to make changes feels too overwhelming and your confidence may be lower as a result of being tired, and emotionally worn out.

Bespoke guidance, support and relational safety

Many parents intellectually know what changes are required or may help, but benefit from the level of support, mentoring, guidance, insight and accountability the process of working with a sleep specialist provides for. When delivered in a compassionate, non-judgmental setting; parents own intuition, and understanding has an opportunity to flourish, as we nourish your being and that of your child.

Tried sleep training before and it was unsuccessful

It is hard to stay predictable and on track when you are doing this solo; working with a professional enables you to stay on track when everything feels off track. The process helps you to understand where to start, what feels right for you and most importantly what helps to promote better sleep, appetite, mood and behavior-for all family members and to future-proof your child’s sleep experience too.

Expectations matter

We know that psychologically having a plan, a clear pathway and range of solutions presented to you, as well as being accompanied, accountable and supported helps individuals to address hard challenges, lean on the professional, exchange thoughts, feelings and emotions, and in this holding of space, become engaged, motivated and empowered to make and maintain changes that support your goals

Co-Creational collaboration

Working WITH a family is a big part of the solution. Collaborating together, combining your understanding and aspirations, together with all the parties to the sleep equation can be factored in, and unique dynamics can be addressed; decisions can be encouraged in a supportive culture that means everyone (Mum, Dad, Co-Parent, Baby, Sibling, Childminder) feels seen, heard and belonging-and that level of safety continues to promote your sleep story and journey.

I have been in practice for over 12 years. This means that I have been in a position to witness, resolve and learn from each family that has engaged with me, meaning that the depth of knowledge and experience, coupled with ongoing training, education, research and expertise are applied to your sleep plan and process that allows your goals to emerge in a collaborative and co-creational way.



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