Our success story with our little ones sleep…

Hope you are well, I briefly mentioned on your instagram last week about our success story with our little ones sleep pattern.

He was 7 months and (me being a new mum thought he would “automatically slip into his own nap routine) would not sleep pass 45 minutes for his nap and the same in the afternoon. I knew naps during the day were important for his development that infound myself spending the whole daytying to get him to rest. He was even waking at 5am on que every too. He is a great night sleeper, just pop him in his cot and off he goes. But the day was exhausting (i know some parents would be glad of that during the day and have noghts sleep).

I ordered your book and within 3 days of sticking to the plan…..BOOM we had the start of a routine that he loves and suits him!! Its crazy how fast he started to fall into it and still knows on que when nap time is. I even kept in mind your tips on when we go away (Daddy is from Cork and we love in Mayo so lots of family visits). I.just keep the same times and he still falls in on que.

So thank you Lucy! ! You truley are a genuis and would love to see more of you on TV or even your own roadshow!!! Get the baby stores or someone to sponsor you as you will get a HUGE following. And parents will pay to hear your advice!! Our mum and baby group were on a dinner night out and you were the subject at our table for the night!! Next time you should come out with is!!!

Good luck with all your ventures.

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