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The day Lucy took my call was the day my life as a mom changed.

Lucy I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving our sanity and giving us back our sleep. With a 3 1/2 year old who never slept the night in her life and woke 4 times a night for a bottle..throw in 18 month old twins who needed be rocked to sleep in buggy or drive around in car to be transferred to cot to only wake again...We are at complete breaking point. The day

I would advise anyone who has issues with their child’s sleep routine to contact Lucy.

Lucy I’d like to thank you for all your help with getting our 21 month old in to a routine. You have given my husband and me our evenings back. We now get to have dinner together without having to rock our son in a buggy, rock him in our arms, let him fall asleep on my chest or let him sleep in our bed. The steps you used at every stage worked. I couldn’t praise your work enough.

She did what we thought was going to be impossible

“After 9 months of sleepless nights we decided to seek help from Lucy when our son turned one. I had read Lucy’s articles in the Independent and looked her up online and was astounded by her success rate and the feedback from her clients. ..

We are very grateful for all of Lucy’s help and support.

We contacted Lucy in desperation as our almost 12 month old boy could only be breastfed to sleep and refused to sleep anywhere but our bed. We were also desperate because our crèche struggled to get our son to sleep. L woke on average of 4-5 times a night. When I returned to work I found he was feeding more often during the night and for longer. Both mammy and daddy were exhausted. ..

we will be forever grateful to you Lucy

WOW where do I start, thank you so so much, After 10 months of a non sleeping baby, mammy and daddy, we now have a son that cant wait to go to sleep at 7pm -7am. He is a much happier and content baby and we have even managed to have dinner together for the first time in months. Lucy i cant thank you enough for educating us on the importance of sleep,we will be forever grateful to you

We really couldn’t recommend you highly enough

We couldn't recommend Lucy highly enough - she is professional, helpful, enthusiastic, supportive, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, and every bit of advice Lucy has given us worked - after 17 months of sleepless nights, our little boy is now sleeping through the night. We really couldn't recommend you highly enough - thanks so so much again.

we have a baby who sleeps through the night.

We approached Lucy on a recommendation from my cousin. We were feeding A (9 months) to sleep and as a result, I was the only one who could put to bed or down for a nap. She would wake every two to three hours during the night and need to be fed back to sleep. Naps would only last thirty minutes..

We couldn’t believe how quick the progress was and how much better form our baby was in.

” I called Lucy after a few months of trying to improve my 7 months old sleeping patterns I was struggling to get my baby back into a routine after a holiday where she did not sleep at all! I was waking up to 5 times a night to feed my baby back asleep and believed this was the only way to get her to sleep and feared of ever taking her overnight anywhere.

The results were instant and outstanding

We asked Lucy to help us with C, our 10 ½ month old son who was having difficulty sleeping without parental intervention. This was causing our family, particularly my wife, considerable stress as often it would take her over 2 hours to get C to sleep only for him to wake after 3 to 4 hours starting the cycle all over again.

Lucy was excellent to deal with. She had a very practical and compassionate approach to changing E’s routine

For our two year old’s bedtime, it took up to two hours for me to get him asleep and only fifteen minutes for my husband to get him asleep. Lucy really listened to the issues and came up with a routine that we honed and tweaked over time. It took a few weeks but there have been massive improvements and I now look forward to bedtime, knowing that once I put E into the cot he will be happy

Lucy was so supportive of our breastfeeding,

Our daughter is a changed baby thanks to Lucy! She was so cranky and upset most days, her sleep was shocking, everyone said at a year it would improve but after 14 months of 3-6 wake ups a night, and 2-3 hrs to get her to go asleep, and non-existent naps mostly we decided to work with Lucy. I was back to work and I was physically and emotionally exhausted, I constantly worried that our daughter wasn’t getting the

Lucy’s guidance gave me back my life and my sanity!

When I decided to contact Lucy, my daughter was 6 months old and I was getting close to my return to full time work involving a commute to Dublin and I could see no way of managing this with how she was sleeping at the time. She was going to bed late and waking after only 1 or 2 hours of sleep which resulted in me having to take her into the bed in order for me to get