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Her form is great, so too is the whole family’s! Thank you Lucy.

We were at our wits end when we contacted you. Our daughter was always a great sleeper until at 2 & ½, following a sickness, family trauma and the addition of her baby sibling, she became distressed / anxious and would wake screaming up to 6 times per night. It was exhausting for her, and us. We had almost run out if ideas on how to fix the problem until we got in touch with Lucy Wolfe. …..

Thanks to Lucy we have our lives back, no exaggeration!

Thanks to Lucy we have our lives back, no exaggeration! We contacted her for help with our 13 mth old daughter who has only slept a handful of nights since she was born. She would only nap during the day if she was held and she was up every hour or more at night. We were constantly tired, irritable and late for everything! We were sure we had tried everything. Lucy looked at our whole daily routine and everything

the freedom is amazing, and best of all, our baby is well slept and very happy!

We still cannot believe how successful the sleep training with Lucy was and the absolute change it’s had on our lives. Our baby was being fed to sleep, and that worked for us for a while until it didn’t.. Don’t even get me started on the stress of the dreaded transfer into the cot. I was absolutely exhausted feeding her up to every 45 minutes to 2 hours at night, and just did not have enough energy to enjoy

I would highly recommend Lucy, she is very professional and great at what she does but shes also a mother and was lovely to deal with!

After a year of very little sleep, and coming to the end of our tether, we contacted Lucy and im so glad we did! My daughter started wakening for 2-4 hrs every night from she was 20 months, which led to quite a cranky little girl during day and a very tired mammy and daddy (i was also pregnant during this time!) I thought i had tried everything but nothing made a difference! Lucy gave me a tweaked routine

Without doubt, Lucy’s advice and recommendations have improved our quality of life.

We initially contacted Lucy because our now 20 month old daughter’s sleep routine slowly went from bad to worse. It all started after we moved countries and my daughter found it difficult to settle for anyone but me (mum!) for the last year we’ve struggled with hours of wakefulness during the night, bottles at midnight, short, low quality naps during the day and a very poor appetite. Lucy was recommended to us by others who had found her advice

. I can’t put into words how thankful I am that Lucy was able to provide the service she did and the positive effect it has had on our family

My little boy was sleeping great until he reached 3 months when he went through a growth spurt and his nighttime sleep went haywire. I reached out to Lucy when he was 5 months after trying everything I could think of/read and ruled out everything I thought could be contributing to his sleep issues such as hunger etc. He was napping great during the day but would wake anything up to ten times a night and I just couldn’t

“A Big Thank You Lucy !!!

Thanks to Lucy our lovely four and a half year old son has learned to sleep by himself in his own room, and even more amazingly to stay sleeping by himself all night…

There is light at the end of the tunnel

My wife and I were at our wits end as a result of our daughters poor sleeping habits. S would only go to sleep with my wife sitting beside her holding her hand in our bed.

The decision to go and see Lucy was the best decision we could have made

As first time parents it’s needless to say it was a baptism of fire. Although we were doing our best, the lack of sleep for both our daughter and for us was putting a strain on all of us. She was waking constantly throughout the night and therefore so were we. We needed help and after getting a recommendation, we booked a consultation with Lucy

this was all achieved with little or no stress for our daughter or for us

When our daughter was born, we already had a busy household with two boys. There was over a five year gap bewteen our second son and our daughter so we were very conscious of the impact a new baby would be on the boys. So for the first 6 months our daughter just blended into our existing life, napping in her car seat going to and from school runs, activities etc.