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Lucy was excellent to deal with. She had a very practical and compassionate approach to changing E’s routine

For our two year old’s bedtime, it took up to two hours for me to get him asleep and only fifteen minutes for my husband to get him asleep. Lucy really listened to the issues and came up with a routine that we honed and tweaked over time. It took a few weeks but there have been massive improvements and I now look forward to bedtime, knowing that once I put E into the cot he will be happy

Lucy was so supportive of our breastfeeding,

Our daughter is a changed baby thanks to Lucy! She was so cranky and upset most days, her sleep was shocking, everyone said at a year it would improve but after 14 months of 3-6 wake ups a night, and 2-3 hrs to get her to go asleep, and non-existent naps mostly we decided to work with Lucy. I was back to work and I was physically and emotionally exhausted, I constantly worried that our daughter wasn’t getting the

Lucy’s guidance gave me back my life and my sanity!

When I decided to contact Lucy, my daughter was 6 months old and I was getting close to my return to full time work involving a commute to Dublin and I could see no way of managing this with how she was sleeping at the time. She was going to bed late and waking after only 1 or 2 hours of sleep which resulted in me having to take her into the bed in order for me to get

Lucy is worth every penny and more .. couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Our second child was a terrible sleeper and for a solid 13 months we saw no improvement. On average we were getting 2-3 hours sleep a night if we were lucky. Just getting up in the morning was a struggle. The problem was 100% exacerbated when I went back to work. I honestly didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel until someone told me about Lucy. At first I thought the sound of a sleep consultant

I was so relieved to put myself and my famly in the hands of a trusted expert.

I was in despair when I first contacted Lucy. My eight-month-old daughter woke every 45 or 50 minutes, every single night, and couldn’t go back to sleep without being breastfed. This meant that my husband could never do the ‘night shift’. I was so low, I honestly didn’t know if it was sleep deprivation or post-natal depression. My marriage was suffering, as all I could think about was sleep and how my husband was just going about his life

A consultation with her is genuinely life-changing

‘As a mother of 5 year old girls with a variety of different sleep difficulties, I have no hesitation in sincerely recommending Lucy’s consultation service. Over a period of 6 weeks Lucy investigated each child’s issues individually with a forensic approach while never losing sight of my cumulative experience of having twins….,..

We are all getting better quality sleep now

I cannot thank Lucy enough for the amazing help she gave us with our twin boys D & R. Lucy was recommended to us by some fellow twin mums, and I am so glad we found her. We were utterly sleep deprived, functioning on a couple of hours of broken sleep every night for 2 years! Now the boys are great at going to bed…,..

Since working with Lucy our life has been transformed

We contacted Lucy when our little girl was 2 years and 2 months. We were gone well beyond breaking point and in all honestly we were barely holding it together. A had always been a bad sleeper, never sleeping more than 2/3 hours at anyone time and that was at very best.being are first and totally clueless we felt this was just how it was when you had kids. We took on the advise of any one we could

If anyone is reading this unsure about booking or just holding out a little longer in hopes that the problem will rectify itself then dont waste more time and book now

Lucy is so amazing at what she does, I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough! If anyone is reading this unsure about booking or just holding out a little longer in hopes that the problem will rectufy itself then dont waste more time and book now, it is the best thing we have ever done and like everyone else says I wish we had done it sooner!!.,..

It certainly felt like we were working as a team through this process and I got the impression that she cared as much as we did to resolve these sleepless nights

Whilst back home in Ireland for Christmas I was complaining about our sleep deprivation to a friend. It took 3.5 years for our daughter (first) to sleep through the night and we were going through the same thing again with our son at 11 months, for example 40 mins to put down to sleep with rocking, between 8-10 times waking up in first 4 hrs and then having to sleep with him on a mattress in his room in

I would highly recommend Lucy for those having difficulties with their child’s sleep.

We went to Lucy after Christmas when we knew we could properly commit to Lucy’s programme. Even though we had tried everything-our girl was waking numerous times during the night and then staying awake. With Lucy’s programme within 5days we began to see improvements in our girl’s sleep, form and appetite. We went to Lucy to get proper support and guidance regarding sleep however we gained that and so much more.,..