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more imortantly, no stress, no bawling, no worries! It was smooth and easy with the guidance of Lucy.

At two months old our baby boy started to sleep though the night, from about 9pm until 5am. This was like a dream come true for us, especially as he was breastfed. We were very proud and happy and assumed this would continue. However, at about four months he woke a couple of times, then a couple more times…I started to feed him as the boob seemed to be the only thing that would settle him and to be

We are all so much happier now & we have Lucy to thank for it. “

We contacted Lucy when our little girl was 22 months old, she had never slept a full night or more than 4 hours at a time since she was born. We had put off seeking professional help for so long hoping that she would “grow out of it” but it was definitely the best thing we ever did was contacting Lucy.

Her moral support and reassurance throughout the process was amazing

Our 16 month old son had been a bad sleeper since he was a baby. He would wake constantly throughout the night and had no daytime routine. We were apprehensive at first at the idea of out-sourcing sleep training, we felt this was something we should be able to do ourselves……

Lucy gave us the confidence to make the necessary changes

We found Lucy to be a fantastic support. Her professional and indepth knowledge of sleep patterns, sleep associations and maximum wake times was invaluable in terms of us learning about sleep and in turn teaching our little boy how to sleep using very gentle approaches……

We could not have done it without Lucy’s support and guidance’

‘ i contacted Lucy after one year of interrupted sleep. I had developed a pattern with my son of feeding him to sleep, transferring him gingerly to his cot and then getting up several times a night to comfort or feed him back to sleep when he woke. Eventually he ended up in bed with me and neither of us slept well for months. As a single Mum I was hugely exhausted and at the end of my tether…..

I still can’t believe he sleeps 10/11 hours

B was turning 19 months old and we could not say he had slept one full night from the time he was born . He did everything he was suppose to do for his age up to four weeks old , sleepy baby and woke for feed every 3/4 hours . After 4 weeks he became very uneasy and began to wane more , skeeping tine hit shorter abs waking more often……

I just wish I had got off the cross sooner & gave in to getting help !

J was my second boy so I had made the assumption that he would follow a similar pattern to his brother & sleep through the night at about 12 weeks. This came & went & It got progressively worse to where waking every hour at nighttime was the norm for him for 6 months solid…..

we are now very happy and rested parents and C is sleeping through

After almost 6 months of very broken and erratic night and day sleep with a little boy who woke up every 2 hours for night feeds and would not fall asleep on his own we decided to contact Lucy as I was going back to work after maternity leave and we were struggling with the lack of sleep….

best money we ever spent!

Lucy is an absolute life saver, since July we’ve had fantastic success with our now 2year old, best money we ever spent! Cannot recommend her highly enough…

Our little boy sleeps twelve hours straight

Thank you so much for your invaluable help,advise and guidance. I’d dread to think of the situation we would be in if we hadn’t contacted you. .it actually gives me the shivers to think back to how things were and couldn’t imagine the state we would be in now if we didn’t get your help. …