Thank you Lucy for all your help, guidance, non judgemental viewpoint and general kindness.

We are forever grateful to Lucy for her wisdom both via her book and through consultation directly for her help with our son’s sleep. He was always an awful sleeper from day one, most likely undiagnosed/untreated reflux (and I’m a GP myself so I’ve only myself to blame!). He would only sleep for very short periods and needed maximum input from us to get back to sleep which by 3am would usually culminate with him sleeping upright on either my husband’s or my chest for the rest of the night. Which meant we had to take shifts with his sleep as we were too scared to sleep with him ourselves when he was on us. My husband even got repetitive strain injury in his arm from having to rock him to sleep every night multiple times (he’s a very big baby!)
By 6 months we were shattered and my poor daughter was suffering too because we had no energy to give to her. Before this when things were really bleak I always remained positive that his sleep could improve. I had bought Lucy’s book when he was 3 months old and was certain when the time was right we could help shape his sleep using Lucy’s methods. So at 6 months we started working directly with Lucy and we haven’t looked back since! Now our little man is 11 months and puts himself to sleep for both his naps and at bedtime so calmly and peacefully (well 90% of the time anyways! If he does fuss it’s because he’s teething or sick, poor little guy). He sleeps usually 11 hours, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more. But he rarely needs any support during the night which is a complete miracle!
I never dreamt he could sleep so well. The key for me that I was so oblivious to before is just how important enough good quality sleep is, spaced out properly throughout the day with the right balance of feeding and awake time. As a GP and a second time mum you think I’d know about how often babies need to sleep etc but it’s just not emphasised at all. We all focus on feeding but very often the reason my little man is grouchy is not because he’s hungry it’s because he’s tired! Particularly in the early days.
Lucy is changing families’ lives and she’s changed ours. I even started to put my 3 year old daughter to bed at 7pm too because turns out she was way over tired too and wasnt getting enough sleep. The improvement doesnt happen over night and babies and children are not machines so there’s always variables and not every day is perfect or every night. But the foundation and confidence Lucy gave us to keep going and the simple advice and routines she laid out have worked wonders. The older he gets the more settled he is and that’s why I respect Lucy so much, she waits till they’re at least 6 months before starting as they are frankly just not physiologically ready before that. Which is incredibly hard when you’ve had 6 months of complete sleep deprivation but now that I see how he goes from strength to strength from month to month I can totally understand why.
Thank you Lucy for all your help, guidance, non judgemental viewpoint and general kindness. Like I’ve said no night/day sleep is 100% perfect and there are always bumps in the road and you helped me accept that and lean into it. But for the most part, thanks to Lucy, we are a much more rested, happy family!