The benefits of this are far reaching for all of us

We have just finished working one to one with Lucy creating a routine for our 8mo son P. We were very keen to do this having also worked one to one with Lucy with our first son Aidan when he was 7mo. Aidan is now 3.5 years and loves his bedtime routine. He is happy going to bed and it is an opportunity for some close bonding time with (mum or dad) at bedtime. This was the main reason we chose to work with Lucy again, yes in the short term we wanted to improve our baby and our whole family’s sleep but ultimately the benefits are long term, we wanted to create an association with sleep and bedtime as being a positive and peaceful experience. The benefits of this are far reaching for all of us. The daytime naps also mean that during the day Patrick is well rested and has a great routine, it gives me a chance to work or hang out with our eldest son and breaks the day into manageable segments! Lucy is so supportive and practical, never judgmental and always reassuring. We could not recommend Lucy enough!

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