There is no trauma, no rejection, no broken parental/child bonds.

Lucy, I would just like to say a huge thank you for the work you do. Myself and husband followed your book and for the first time in a year we are all sleeping well 🙂

We are first time parents and tried to everything “the right way” which of course, there is no such thing. Our baby boy co-slept from birth, taking up permanent residence in our bed for a year (safely) baby boy would only sleep if one of lay beside him and it was a military operation of sheer stealth trying to “escape the bed” just so I could work or we could eat together at night. The slightest noise woke him up and very often I spent his nap times lying beside him  staring at the ceiling while I could have been having some oh so important “me time”. We didn’t have a date in a year as how on earth do you ask a babysitter to lie in bed with your sleeping child and when we had people over to visit one of us would apologetically excuse ourselves to put him to bed then ask everyone to whisper in fear of waking him and having to start the sleepover from scratch. Our baby would lie horizontally in the bed while we clung to the edges and none of managed to get more than a few broken hours of half sleep.

Like a lot of exhausted and first time parents we reached the end of our ropes and although skeptical about “sleep training” we knew we had to try something new! A friend had great success with your book and recommended it, I was nervous, nervous that I would somehow emotionally damage my baby, that he would take this as rejection and would scream himself to an unconscious sleep.

Routine in place (blackout blinds, bottle, book and cuddle) we headed into the unknown.

I won’t lie, the first week was tough, there were objections, and a few tears (more from me), there was nap refusal and the sleep definitely got worse before better (only for around 2/3 days) but then on day 5 something changed, the protesting turned into a light muffle followed by 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!! Myself and my husband had dinner together, we slept!

2 months in and our little guy now sleeps a full 11 hours at night and 3.5 hours during the day, in his cot, falling asleep by himself. No protests, instead he shuffles around for a few minutes to get comfy and chats away to his rabbit teddy before drifting off peacefully.

There is no trauma, no rejection, no broken parental/child bonds. Instead there are 3 well rested and happy people in this house. We have the energy to enjoy our baby and all the joys that come with having a toddler.

So to any new parents who aren’t sure or drowning in guilt … there is nothing wrong with wanting a nights sleep. Its ok. As I was told “you are giving your family the gift of sleep”

Thank you again Lucy xx