We can’t get over the transformation

Our first child was a truly terrible sleeper! Well-meaning friends assured me that my second child was bound to be a ‘sleeper’. Having a baby during the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021 really limited the mum and baby activities on offer and I felt sure that with all this spare time on my hands and this being my second child, I would be well able to create a great sleeper of my own accord. Unfortunately, this was not the case! It really started to impact on me and I felt like I was failing as a mum especially when I compared myself to others whose children seemed to sleep much easier. No doubt the lack of sleep was contributing to these feelings. While my little boy was a lot better sleeper than his big sister, he was still having two feeds during the night at 6 months and taking nearly an hour to get down. He would also only nap in the buggy which while great for my step count, was not very conducive to getting anything done! Within days of working with Lucy, we had dropped his night feeds (happily this didn’t seem to bother him at all) and he was napping in his cot. With Lucy’s support, he soon started doing longer stretches at night and before long was sleeping through the night. Since then despite teething, sniffles and settling into the crèche, he is still doing great. We can’t get over the transformation. We are so grateful to Lucy for all her encouragement and support!
Thanks again for all your help and support
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