We really worked together as a team.

My husband and I contacted Lucy when we were really at our wits end with our then 14 months’ old sleep. Our little boy would only settle after being rocked in my arms, could not be put into cot and would wake numerous times every night culminating in me ending up in bed beside him and the entire family getting very little sleep. We had read Lucy’s books and tried sleep training before but seemed to be totally failing. Sleep dominated every conversation and to be honest, we felt embarrassed that we hadn’t been able to get our child’s sleep sorted.
Lucy’s ability to really understand what was going on with our son was amazing. Lucy completely got ‘it’ and ‘us’ and the plan was specifically tailor made for our family. It took into account the specifics of our family life, childcare situation, all of our personalities and what our son needed. The fact that Lucy was so adept at interpreting what was happening immediately instilled confidence in us.
We really worked together as a team. We made amazing progress very quickly but were set back by various colds, coughs and speed bumps. This did not deter Lucy. There was never any issue pausing the training until everyone was back on track.  We took our time, did what was needed and with patience got back on track. Lucy was strict with us which I definitely needed. Lucy is such a compassionate person and we felt totally supported.
We are delighted that our little man is now sleeping better than ever. In addition, we feel we have learnt skills that will be of huge benefit in the years to come. Sleep is so important and there will always be ups and downs but we now understand how to approach it with our baby and have much more confidence.
Thank you Lucy – you really are amazing and we appreciate it.
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