We saw immediate effects and now he sleeps the full night from 7 to 6.30.

I had purchased Lucy’s book before our little boy was even born with the anticipation of starting on a good note with sleep habits. What I really liked about Lucy’s approach is that it was gentle yet effective. By reading the book we knew exactly what we needed to do yet we still would speed up important bedtime routines or move dinner time etc, not realising how important the tiniest things are.
When we contacted Lucy our little boy who was 8 months was waking every hour and a half/two hours and we were drained as we also have a toddler so there was no resting by day either! Each time he woke he would only return to sleep with a bottle and we couldnt break this cycle. Working with Lucy made us stick to the given routines as we knew we would be having our scheduled call each week and didnt want to be like bold school children not doing our homework so we made sure to stick to the plan! Lucy was always so encouraging and positive and never made us feel like we were doing the ‘wrong’ thing. But I must say those weekly calls is what kept us pushing through. We saw immediate effects and now he sleeps the full night from 7 to 6.30. We are so grateful to Lucy and would recommend her to anyone. I’m so glad we didnt wait till he was older and try and battle on as we now are getting great nights sleep and can enjoy time with our baby rather than being completely sleep deprived! Thanks so much Lucy!