Working with Lucy has given us more energy in the day to engage as a family

When our daughter turned 12 months we were really struggling with sleep as a family. I was breastfeeding through the night and a pattern of wake ups had emerged, every 40 mins – 1 hour. Something had to give, I found myself in the depths of a sleep debt and was not sure which way to turn. I think as new parents we sometimes feel that we should be able to do it all on our own and that something so basic as sleep should come naturally. In some ways I felt ashamed of the poor sleep pattern and was reluctant to reach out to anyone about it. When we did eventually turn firstly to Lucy’s book, life changed almost immediately! Suddenly I was able to count on a few consolidated hours of sleep at a time. We saw sustained improvements and were amazed at how Lucy’s simple practical solutions and time keeping had massive impact, not just on better sleep for us all but on many other areas too. Our daughter began to eat better, had more energy and would now wake up happy and ready to start the day. Thats not to say that the process was without some upset, but the “stay and support” approach meant that our daughter knew she was safe and loved as she went through this new learning with us at her side. We then reached out to Lucy to work directly with her on the issues of early rising and dropping a nap. Lucy shepherded us through these trying moments with understanding and a positive practical approach and I really looked forward to speaking with her each week. Now, at the end of our time together our daughter takes one epic daytime nap, loves her bedtime routine with Mom or Dad and sleeps through the night to a reasonable hour in the morning. All of which is more than we ever thought possible! My husband and I both feel that working with Lucy has given us more energy in the day to engage as a family and has genuinely made us feel like better parents. This process has also shown me that part of positive, healthy parenting is looking for help when change is needed. Thanks Lucy!!! xxx