I bought your book….

Since then I have started to use your guidelines and have seen a massive improvement in his sleep. So he wakes any time between 6 and 7 although today we went to 7 10am!!. Has his bottle within a half hour and then his breakfast shortly after. Then two hours later he goes for his nap in his cot, blinds pulled with a soother and muslin cloth, he sleeps on his side and generally we just leave him down and walk out and he goes asleep himself! Amazing! The odd time we could have tears or he may need more help. This goes for all sleeps now, which is so different than before.

He doesn’t have a bottle anymore at night but sucks a soother. He no longer is awake for an hour or more if he wakes, it’s usually a matter of giving back the soother and putting on his side. While this might happen a number of times it is a far cry to what was happening! Then some nights he will not wake till 3 30 or 4 30 n then just giving back soother. Last night he slept from 830 to 530 then 609 and up at 710.
I have to say we are thrilled to be this far.

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