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Thank you Lucy for all your help, guidance, non judgemental viewpoint and general kindness.

We are forever grateful to Lucy for her wisdom both via her book and through consultation directly for her help with our son's sleep. He was always an awful sleeper from day one, most likely undiagnosed/untreated reflux (and I'm a GP myself so I've only myself to blame!). He would only sleep for very short periods and needed maximum input from us to get back to sleep which by 3am would usually culminate with him sleeping upright on either

We have a happy content 13 month old who has 2 good naps a day and who sleeps from 7pm -6am practically every night

We worked with Lucy to really try and allow our little baby boy to be the best sleeper he could be. We had bought her book prior to engaging personally with Lucy and we had a good enough routine going but we always faced the waking from naps early and having an early riser. With a detailed plan in place after meeting with Lucy we embarked on our sleep journey. A did remarkably well and we saw an improvement

Lucy’s manner is highly professional and she emulates a very sympathetic manner.

We began working directly with Lucy after having a very stressful 10 months of battling at every nap time and bedtime for our 10 month old. Our baby is almost one now and there has been a massive transformation in her and us. Lucy gave us the tools to overcome the battles that took place when trying to achieve sleep and dispelled myths that we had fallen for. We spent the first eight months of our daughter’s life driving

I loved that the approach allows you to comfort your baby if they are crying and connect with them.

Quite simply, Lucy and her sleep solution has changed our lives! My 3-and-a-half-year-old had not gone to sleep for 2 years without us staying next to her side. Within 2 weeks of following the stay and support approach, I was able to follow the routine, put her in bed and walk out with her happily falling asleep. I could not believe it and it was all done without any stress or crying. I worked with Lucy 1:1 after I

A now sleeps 11-12 hours at night and 2 hours during the day.

Working with Lucy on improving our daughter A's sleep changed our lives. Before we contacted Lucy we were at our wit's end - sleep deprived and just getting through day by day hoping her sleep would improve and we'd all feel better again soon. But at 7 months, push came to shove and we knew we had to take action for all our sakes. I'll admit we were a bit skeptical at first as our daughter is extremely alert

Our immense thanks to Lucy – what she brings to the table is invaluable.”

"Lucy's guidance and direction had a palpable impact: After struggling significantly with night time sleeping with our 1-year-old, we implemented Lucy's proposed techniques and literally within 3 days our little one slept through the night and has done so ever since. We are 3 months into the new regime and we've been traveling as a family, had her start creche and even had her in a different room to accommodate visiting family and she was well able to self

I felt like you actually cared and we will never forget the support you have given us to get to where we are.

As first time parents of a baby who woke every other hour and refused to nap we are extremely grateful. Doing the sleep training with you had been life changing. Within 4 days Fiadh was sleeping through the night. We did not except it to work never mind work so quick! I felt like you actually cared and we will never forget the support you have given us to get to where we are. Thank you so much.

Lucy has been all I wished for and more in a sleep consultant

Lucy has been all I wished for and more in a sleep consultant. She has helped with my little boy, who has just turned 1. He was waking up frequently through the night, still feeding twice a night and was difficult to get him to sleep without me rocking him. The first week although the toughest was also where the huge changes started to happened. All the process was gentle so that my little boy was weaned slowly. Within

We now have a self settling and adaptable 9 month old whose sleeping through and naps like a dream

Get the book!! And if it seems overwhelming get in touch with Lucy. I can hands down say it’s the best money we spent in the 1st 6 months of Henry’s life. With a husband that works all hours I had sole charge of a baby who loved a 30 minute nap and self settling was a pipe dream. It was getting a bit much and so I enlisted Lucy’s help. She was so helpful, encouraging and knew exactly

We now have a little boy that sleeps through the night something I thought not possible

Working one to one with Lucy was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our little boys sleeping improved from the very first day we started working with Lucy and we continued to make progress even through sickness and teething. Lucy is so patient to work with and her approach is so kind to both parent and child. We now have a little boy that sleeps through the night something I thought not possible. Prior to working with

When we started with Lucy the girls had to be walked, rocked, you name it, to sleep!! And would not settle in their cots without being asleep first! And would never nap!! 20 mins here and there… I was at my wits end!!!

What can I say, only THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Being parents to twins has been the hardest life experience ever!! We had so much help and support from family and friends, but I still felt so alone and really struggled being a first time mother. So the sleep deprivation definitely didn't help. My husband would have to be up for work at 5am, so I had family members stay during the week to help with night feeds

It has genuinely changed our lives for the better and our baby is so much happier and healthier for it.

Like some people we were sceptical to use a sleep consultant as we were often told maybe our baby is just a bad sleeper. After lots of research we decided to give it a go and contacted Lucy as we had heard she is the best in the business. We had reached a point of despair after 6 months of sleepless nights - currently feeding to sleep, co-sleeping, multiple wake ups and feeds in the night, short 30 minute

Im enjoying mother hood now before i waa just really tired . And could not focus . And my husband and i are getting along because we are not tired .

I just want to thank u again for all your help . You helped us with our first baby A . When we were getting no sleep . A would only settle for 20 mins at a time at night and have no sleep during the day . Then i had our second with only 11 months apart i found it difficult. But as emily turned 5 months i got ur book i started using ur method with her

It’s made being the mother of twins so much easier

D and R have been sleeping through the night and napping really well for a good few months now. They have the skills to resettle themselves when they wake and if I do need to go into them I can resettle them very easily. I also have the confidence to see through any bumps in the road such as sickness or teething. It’s made being the mother of twins so much easier So thank you again

although we had heard amazing things about Lucy, we were unsure if she would be able to help us given how particularly bad a sleeper our baby was.

My husband and I decided to contact Lucy Wolfe when our son was 11 months old. At this point we were willing to try anything given our baby was waking 20-30 times a night. This was leading to erratic napping during the day which led again to the night time waking. We were utterly exhausted and although we had heard amazing things about Lucy, we were unsure if she would be able to help us given how particularly bad

I would heartily recommend working with Lucy, we found her method to be supportive and sympathetic to both the parents and child

Working with Lucy was the best decision myself and my husband have made and has transformed our sleep as a family! Our son is now 8 months old and having worked directly with Lucy for a month when he turned 7 months old we now have a peaceful, well rested baby who happily goes into his cot in his own room at 7 every evening, he sleeps through the night and wakes around 6 every morning. He has two

I can’t thank Lucy enough for how she has help us, and in such a lovely way.

I contacted Lucy in absolute crisis, battered by sleep deprivation and a complete lack of confidence as a mother, I felt I just didn’t have a clue what I was doing regards my babies sleep. I was trying so hard to help her take daytime naps, that I stayed at home all the time waiting to put her down for the next nap –and I was so protective over the naps, that I didn’t allow visitors in case they

This has made an immeasurable difference to our quality of life and the struggles along the way were all so worth it

We started working directly with Lucy after 7 months of sleepless nights and stressful days. Our daughter slept in our bed with me and was breastfed through the night and my husband was sleeping in the spare room as he had to get up for work. She was very difficult to settle at bedtime and we bounced on an exercise ball with her, sang to her, fed her to sleep and it would often take up to an hour

I was a stressed out mother on the edge and Lucy was a friend in my time of need.

There is a section in Lucy's book called 'Road Blocks' and I think I managed to hit each one of those during our time working with Lucy. We had just moved countries, we were in the middle of moving apartments and the baby was starting to teethe. Before working with Lucy I would have given up and decided that my baby was never going to sleep a full night but Lucy supported and reassured me that we could work

Lucy was always upfront and honest about everything and kept us on track the whole way

Of all the things that was said to me as a sleep deprived mum, some well meaning some just downright hurtful and totally unhelpful it was my own Mum's words that made up my mind that I was going to work with Lucy. After spending a Christmas with my parents they witnessed first hand what it was like and what exactly I had been talking about for the first five months of my daughters life, she just didn't sleep.

We cannot thank you enough for your help and advice. We no longer dread night time. thank you

We recently contact Lucy regarding our 11 Month old who was constantly wakening at night. We also have a 2.5year old who isnt the best of sleeper either so between the two we were getting little to no sleep.. We began our facetime calls with Lucy and within 3nights we seen an incredible change with both our kids. Fast forward 1 month and we have 2 kids sleeping 11hrs each night. No more night time feeds with our 11month

Lucy was so supportive and always had such wonderful advice for us

Christmas came early when Lucy started to work with my family😊! Lucy gave us the confidence to start a sleep programme! Lucy's stay and support approach worked well for us.Lucy was so supportive and always had such wonderful advice for us. Our son woke multiple times every night. He also slept in our bed! Lucy worked with us despite our sons complex needs. She provided us with so much reassurance. Lucy achieved to get our boy sleeping in his

Lucy is amazing and I can not recommend her enough!

Working with Lucy has changed our lives! When Lucy met us we were exhausted parents who never knew when our child would nap or go to sleep. Our little girl was going to bed any time between 7 and 10pm and was waking 3-4 times a night, sometimes for hours at a time! We were exhausted and really starting to struggle! We used to go to bed every night saying ‘I wonder will tonight be the night that she

We didn’t have to stop breast feeding, or ditch the dummy or use harsh cry it out techniques

We sought out Lucy with our 13 month old who had settling issues, frequent night wakenings, was fed to sleep, and co slept through the night. Needless to say we were all exhausted, and getting through the day a challenge for us all. Within 4 days of starting Lucy’s sleep plan we could see huge improvements. Her stay and support approach was completely achievable and most importantly met our sons emotional needs throughout the whole process. Lucy’s baby sleep

My family is so much happier now!!! I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a star!!!!!

Working with Lucy literally changed our lives. We started with a 9 months old baby who had to be rocked to sleep, would only sleep in our bed and woke about 7 times a night, 2-3 of them for a bottle to a baby sleeping through the night in his own room. Lucy also helped us with food and bottle schedules and now my baby loves his food so much I can't believe it. It was much easier that