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We have learned so much from the experience and have finished feeling confident and prepared to implement any adjustments as our baby grows up.

We starting working with Lucy when our baby was nearly 7 months old.  EBF our baby was waking almost every hour during the night and 3 naps per day were in the buggy.  Lucy instinctively and immediately knew how to deal with this.  We followed the plan Lucy gave us to a T.  The results were obvious and started emerging immediately.  Now almost 6 weeks later our baby sleeps 12 hours without nightfeeds and has 2 naps a day

Lucy has a very kind and encouraging approach which creates a very safe space.

We started working with Lucy when our son was 7 months old. Once we started our journey with Lucy, we started seeing results straight away. I had read her book and had already implemented some aspects but Lucy held our hands through it all. Lucy has a very kind and encouraging approach which creates a very safe space. Our objective was to be in a place that we could put our son down to bed without tears or stress

We can’t get over the transformation

Our first child was a truly terrible sleeper! Well-meaning friends assured me that my second child was bound to be a ‘sleeper’. Having a baby during the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021 really limited the mum and baby activities on offer and I felt sure that with all this spare time on my hands and this being my second child, I would be well able to create a great sleeper of my own accord. Unfortunately, this was not the

Thanks for the care and attention you gave us and K,  we’re so happy that we finally reached out;) 

Thanks so much for your help with K and for us as a family. It was a journey for us which helped us to understand sleep and K’s needs in a way we didn’t even know we needed help with. You touched on every aspect of our day and everything just seems to flow better and makes so much sense which makes everyone more relaxed and we can enjoy our time more together. I personally was living with constant

He is a happy, well rested baby (most of the time) and we are happy and fairly well rested parents (most of the time) too!’

It is about 8 weeks since we finished working with Lucy Wolfe to sleep train our baby boy. He was 6 months when we started the process, and 8 months when we finished. Previous to working with Lucy, I was feeding him to sleep and we were co-sleeping with him. He woke several times a night but was easily settled back to sleep. At nap time he would only sleep in my arms, or in his buggy, and his naps were

She was supportive and honest in setting our expectations and to encourage us when things were tough

Working with Lucy was a pleasure from the get go. she is very approachable and knowledgeable and it was an interesting journey for us as parents. But most importantly it worked! Our twins went from waking up from several times per night to sleeping through the night. She was supportive and honest in setting our expectations and to encourage us when things were tough. We are very glad we sought her help!

Our lives are transformed.

Since we last spoke P has been sleeping every night 7-6, without any wake ups. We are delighted. Thank you for everything. I have some experience of implementing interventions for sleep through my work as a psychologist, so before we worked together I felt like I should be able to put things into place myself and I was quiet disheartened. You provided the guidance, support and encouragement I needed to do this for myself. So glad we got in

I will never be able to thank her enough for her expertise, professionalism and kindness

Six weeks before we started with Lucy we were lost. We were lost as a family without even knowing it. I was lost as a person, the old me was gone. I had lost ‘the old me’ somewhere between my pregnancy, suffering from severe hyperemesis gravidarum and the post natal depression which followed it. I lived for my two boys and began to feel that I was the only person who could deal with and care for our youngest

Lucy moves at a pace that you and your baby are ready for and her approach ensures your baby is responded to lovingly at all times.

Working with Lucy directly is literally life changing. Our 6 month old went from short naps, bouncing to sleep and waking regularly overnight to self settling in the cot for sleep, consistent cot naps and sleeping through the night. We saw massive improvements immediately after the first bedtime. This is our second time working directly with Lucy. Lucy is very experienced and reliable.  Her confidence in her approach is very reassuring and in turn gave us the confidence to

Lucy worked tirelessly with us through many issues we were facing

We reached out to Lucy when we were at our breaking point. Having tried everything we could think of with our 7 month old we were completely at a loss. Lucy is extremely knowledgeable, kind and is so easy to work with. Lucy worked tirelessly with us through many issues we were facing. We got structured and regular support to help us through. If you are thinking about looking for support with any sleep related issues I would not

We really worked together as a team.

My husband and I contacted Lucy when we were really at our wits end with our then 14 months' old sleep. Our little boy would only settle after being rocked in my arms, could not be put into cot and would wake numerous times every night culminating in me ending up in bed beside him and the entire family getting very little sleep. We had read Lucy's books and tried sleep training before but seemed to be totally failing.

Lucy- you demonstrate true professionalism at all times and a pleasure to work with, we cannot thank you enough!

Working directly with Lucy has been a game changer to how our little girl goes asleep and sleeps routinely through the night- watching the weekly improvements was just amazing and now everyone gets a decent night's sleep. I had purchased both Lucy's books and we had established a fairly solid eat/ sleep routine however our little girl was consistently waking during the night or when she didn't, she was up super early. 3 months back to work post maternity leave and

Thank you so much Lucy for giving us the confidence to believe in our ability (and enough sleep) to be the parents we have always wanted to be!”

We initially met Lucy as sleep deprived first time parents who could not get their 8 month old to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. We were exhausted and felt like we were just about surviving. After working with Lucy we finally got to enjoy parenthood the way we always thought we would, everyone was well rested and happy.  We really do feel like Lucy changed our lives.  When we found out that baby number 2 was on

What I love about Lucy’s approach is that it is child-led, gentle, and actually works, without the need for ‘cry-it-out’.

Lucy is excellent at what she does and has saved our sanity twice now - once when our daughter was 7 months old and waking several times in the night. We implemented the advice from Lucy’s books and it worked amazingly. More recently we instructed her on a one to one basis as we needed a more tailored approach with our 14 month old whose night sleeping and early waking had become really challenging. What I love about Lucy’s

We can’t thank Lucy enough for the quality of life she has given back to our family.

We reached out to Lucy when our son was 16 months. He had never been a brilliant sleeper, having suffered with silent reflux as a new-born, but a recent house move, a new bedroom and the start of nursery had resulted in his worst sleep ever. His naps were short or non-existent, leaving him over-tired and emotional by the afternoon. Bedtime was a nightly battle. We'd lay next to his bed coaxing him to sleep, only for him to wake

We can only highly recommended Lucy and the expertise she provides to any family who wants the kindest and must individualised holistic approach to improving sleep issues. Thank you Lucy x 

From the moment we met Lucy our worries and anxieties surrounding making changes to our son's sleeping routine, or lack there of, were completely alleviated. Lucy instills confidence in you from the get go and never pressurises a parent into making any decision that doesn't suit their family needs. Lucy's approach was completely individualised to our family and she facilitated extremely positive changes to our son's sleep. She supported us throughout the process and we never felt alone. When

The amount of support provided by Lucy is just incredible value for money. She is a total expert in her field, an absolute professional, supportive and judgement free and so kind and caring.

We can’t thank you enough for all your help with improving our little girl’s sleep.   Your book was published the week she was born so we truly had following your approach from the start. It was a big shock to the system when her sleep disimproved so much and none of the changes we were making seemed to be working.   There are two big difference between Lucy’s book and working one-to-one with her. The first difference is

Lucy’s non judgemental and kind approach makes her a perfect suit to every family!

Lucy Wolfe is a miracle worker... she guided us through my kids late sleep time and now he has a lovely child centred routine for bed that allows us to put the children to bed with no drama! Lucy's non judgemental and kind approach makes her a perfect suit to every family! Thank you so much Lucy. she has restored balance and boy does this lady know her stuff!!!" Lucy and on a personal note, you will never know

f you’re thinking of it, go for it, it’s hands down the best money we’ve spent. 

When we met Lucy we knew we could trust her that she was invested in helping us. We started with Lucy when our son was 9 months and was waking between 4-8 times a night. We were so sleep deprived and just surviving. Our baby is 10 months now and sleeps all night, between 11-12hrs. We honestly didn’t expect such an incredible outcome. We felt very supported throughout the process. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact her sooner! If

Your kindness and empathy went a long way, and you never made us do anything we didn’t feel comfortable with. We passed our boundaries of what we originally thought we could do, as the trust just grew, as you knew exactly what to tweak every time to make the improvements to her sleep.

We are so pleased we reached out for help with our little one’s sleep, I only wish I did it earlier! When she was nine months old, she had several short naps during the day with no routine, wake several times throughout the night, she was being fed back to sleep, but sometimes she would be awake for prolonged periods of time. We decided we needed some help for her to learn to sleep through the night properly and

We are now a well rested, happier family without any compromise to the loving nurturing attention that our little girl is so used to.

Lucy’s help was invaluable to us as a family. I am an extended breast feeder and co slept with my little girl before seeking Lucy’s help. I felt completely supported by Lucy and at all times she focused on what I and my family wanted to achieve. We are now a well rested, happier family without any compromise to the loving nurturing attention that our little girl is so used to. Lucy made the impossible, possible and we are

It is the best decision we ever made, thank you Lucy for helping us achieve what we thought was impossible!!!

We went to see Lucy just after our little girl turned 1. She had bad silent reflux when she was born and as a result relied heavily on adult input to get to sleep. We had every sleep association possible - rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep, singing to sleep, co sleeping etc (often all at the same time!) and even then baby would only sleep for stretches of 40 mins to 2 hours at a time. I thought

You are excellent at your job and we would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of looking for your support to help their child.

Hi Lucy, thank you for your support in helping us get into a routine with our son. You have gone above and beyond in terms of helping us and providing extra support when the programme wasn’t going smoothly for us. You encouraged us to stick with it when it was tough, We eventually got there. Thinking outside the box and tweaking the programme in line with how things were progressing for us got us there. We now have our

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