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I am always looking for ways to help and inspire your sleep journey and would really appreciate it if you could leave a review!

Lucy’s kind and nonjudgmental approach really helped our family to start functioning again and has been life changing. Sleep is everything and sleep matters, it’s the best money we have ever spent! 

Lucy helped our twin girls sleep from 7pm - 6am, nap reliably throughout the day at fixed times & for us to do a 1 parent bedtime for twins. We didn't even realize a 1 parent bedtime was a goal of ours but now it's been a game changer to free one of us up at that time in the evening to exercise or cook dinner. When we started working with Lucy when our twins were 6 months old,

My confidence as a parent was at an all-time low, your guidance and kind words about parenting journeys will stay with me.

We are still having beautiful sleep with G 7-6.30/7 at the moment. Thank you for your commitment to helping our family. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but your advice has transformed our day to day lives. I’m enjoying life again instead of feeling like I’m just surviving! My confidence as a parent was at an all-time low, your guidance and kind words about parenting journeys will stay with me.

Reaching out to Lucy was literally life changing and we cannot thank her enough! 

Lucy has transformed our babies sleep and our whole family is so much happier and healthier as a result! We sought a consultation with Lucy when our son was 15 months old. He would take hours to settle at bedtime, would only go asleep if we were in the room and would wake frequently in the night and sometimes be awake for hours in the middle of the night. We were all exhausted and despite our best efforts to keep a

While we started off using Lucy’s programme, she was so good at adjusting it week on week to specifically suit our child’s needs…

We started working with Lucy as our toddler was waking every night and often for 3-4 hours at a time. He was tired during the day then, and we were worried it was affecting his learning etc. We filled out a very thorough questionnaire, which was great as Lucy was able to identify straight away a lot of things that were causing problems. While we started off using Lucy's programme, she was so good at adjusting it week on

hrough her gentle but decisive approach to sleep, and most of all her emotional intelligence and clear love of babies, Lucy helped us to find that joy again

Lucy Wolfe changed our lives. In every way but his sleep, we had the perfect first baby; happy, hungry and relaxed. However, his penchant for only napping on the go in the buggy and waking almost hourly at night over a seven-month period, had us at rock bottom. We had reached the point that we couldn't feel the joy our baby bringing in bucket-loads and it was taking a heavy toll on our own relationship. Through her gentle but

There are many many sleep consultants out there, but Lucy was absolutely the right choice. She is extremely knowledgeable and a real expert in her field. 

After well over a year of truly awful sleep, we decided to contact Lucy to help with our 21-month-old daughter. My little girl’s sleep had got to the point where she was awake for HOURS in the night every single night. We couldn’t function as a family, and it was becoming a danger to my husband's job as a pilot. Lucy wrote us a tailored plan and supported us every step of the way. We stuck to her advice

Lucy was also completely supportive of our feeding choices and worked this into the sleep plan. 

We started with Lucy when our little girl was 7.5 months at a time where she was waking almost every hour at night and only napped on me (woke as soon as left down) or in the car or buggy. The journey we went on was not always easy, but Lucy’s support was invaluable. Throughout our time with Lucy, she got to know us and our little girl, tweaked the plan each time and tailored it to our little

Lucy has made such a difference to our lives, and I will be eternally grateful. 

I honestly couldn’t recommend anyone else to help with settling little ones. We had a very unsettled little boy for 12 months before we decided to chat with Lucy. In all honesty the changes were immediate. Not only did we get our time (and sleep) back our little boy is a much happier little boy. He is sleeping through the night and even when he wakes, he is much easier to settle. His feeding habits have also dramatically improved. 

But most importantly Lucy has given me and my husband the tools to weather the storms of sleep

My family can’t thank Lucy Wolfe enough for her help over the past few months. Being a mum can be a really lonely place and COVID has definitely made it harder. But a mum with a baby that struggles with sleep is an extremely lonely and sad place. My baby only slept on me, which meant we were bed sharing and holding her in dark bedrooms during the day, to support her napping. She refused to sleep in the

Lucy listened to us, and her main focus was everyone’s wellbeing throughout. Everything she said worked!

I highly recommend availing of Lucy's help to support your little one's sleep. Food intolerances and silent reflux led our 8-month-old to wake every 45 minutes at night - we were exhausted. We saw improvements faster than we had expected and once we all began to sleep, family life became enjoyable, and baby's development came on in leaps and bounds. Lucy listened to us, and her main focus was everyone's wellbeing throughout. Everything she said worked! We still don't

From the get-go Lucy empowered us as a family and respected our values and how we wanted to parent our baby

We started our journey with Lucy when our little girl was 8months old. Our reason for enlisting Lucy’s help was naps were a disaster. No longer than 30mins and multiple nighttime walk ups (breastfed baby). But mainly the naps were our issue. From the get-go Lucy empowered us as a family and respected our values and how we wanted to parent our baby. No judgment. The week we started I must add, our baby girl cut 4top teeth and

The benefits of this are far reaching for all of us

We have just finished working one to one with Lucy creating a routine for our 8mo son P. We were very keen to do this having also worked one to one with Lucy with our first son Aidan when he was 7mo. Aidan is now 3.5 years and loves his bedtime routine. He is happy going to bed and it is an opportunity for some close bonding time with (mum or dad) at bedtime. This was the main reason

My advice to anybody considering engaging Lucy’s services is without hesitation to go for it

We began working with Lucy when our son was 6 months old, when he consistently woke to feed every 90 minutes. He is now 11 months old. The tools, advice and schedule that Lucy provided us have stood the test of time these past 5 months, during which we have been through 3 developmental leaps, bouts of teething, sickness and travel disruption. Each time, we re-emerge with a child who reliably sleeps all night. It was a difficult journey

Reading other people reviews on social media , I always thought will that ever be me! I’m so happy that I can say it is!

Being a twin mum and after having a toddler who didn’t sleep till they were 3 years old, I always knew I was going to use Lucy for my twins. After reading her book & implementing some techniques early on, she was able to tweak and help with what I needed.  Dealing with 2 babies sleeping in the same room, crying at different times, trying not to wake each other is hard and her knowledge was priceless. I can now say

Within a matter of days we could start to see huge progress.

We were really struggling with all elements of sleep with our 7 month old baby girl so we reached out to Lucy for help. Within a matter of days we could start to see huge progress. She has helped us to understand our daughters patterns and characteristics on a deeper level. Lucy is professional, caring, a great listener and approaches situations with a non judgemental view. We now have a functioning family and we thank you again so much!

She embraced our family as a whole unit while working with us and guided us to the holy grail: uninterrupted nights of soundly sleeping babes.

‘Having already utilised Lucy’s first book to establish a really great sleep foundation for our first child I started to utilise it for my twins. After reaching a certain point with them I considered enlisting Lucy’s help in person but was unsure we were going to get enough out of it as I felt we only had a few loose ends to tie up. I’m so glad we went ahead with working personally with Lucy. She tied up those

Lucy helps with not just sleep but also getting a good routine in place with feeds so that every compliments each other and everything just comes together.

Lucy was the best gift to myself as a very sleep deprived first time mum. When I contacted Lucy I thought my nearly 7 month old baby would never sleep better and wasn’t sure anything would work for us as my son woke 2 to 3 times an hour with early waking from 5. I also thought I would have to get rid of his dummy as I was sure this was the cause of him not sleeping but

Lucy is extremely caring, professional and responsive. She gently guides and supports you every step of the way. 

Partnering with Lucy was a game changer for us. Our baby boy was incapable of napping for longer than a single sleep cycle, was more often than not upset during the nap and bedtime routines, and we had resorted to bed sharing from 4am every night (after multiple soother plugs prior to that). What we appreciated most about Lucy's approach was how it's centred around how we felt about the progress, if it any point we felt it was

She was extremely efficient, knowledgeable and professional but also patient in working through the process with us. I am so glad that we contacted her. 

I had been breastfeeding my son on demand from birth, but when we reached the 9 month mark it had become exhausting as he was feeding 4-5 times per night and I couldn't get any rest with him in bed with us. I felt extremely drained during the day, my son was often cranky, and only napped for about 30 mins, but I wanted to continue being as responsive as possible. Having done some research online, I was quite

After committing to her advice over the course of 4 weeks, my little boy now sleeps right through until 6.-7am and is a much happier boy for it.

After a year of long-drawn-out bedtimes , interrupted sleep, and early waking (4.30-5.30am), as a family, we were exhausted! I thought I had tried everything to help improve my little boys sleep (age 2.5) and couldn't really see how a sleep consultant could help. But Lucy was so kind in our sessions, and her advice was so uncomplicated yet strategic. After committing to her advice over the course of 4 weeks, my little boy now sleeps right through until

If you are thinking about it and can afford to, it’s the best money we spent, a commodity in fact!

We.... (I)decided to use Lucy after buying her books when our little girl was tiny and felt Lucy’s compassionate and responsive approach spoke volumes to our families priorities and values. If you are thinking about it and can afford to, it’s the best money we spent, a commodity in fact! Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed it’s needed, some babies do just need a little extra help to get their sleep established! My husband was quite anti- help but immediately

Lucy is so professional to deal with and the whole process is really clearly laid out.

We used Lucy’s expertise for our 3rd child when he was 16 months old. As bed times were pretty busy with three, we had pooled all the kids into one room at bedtime and would leave with the baby towards the end to put him in his own room but it seemed to make him pretty hyper and we knew we needed to do something about the lack of a dedicated bedtime wind-down routine for him. I was still breastfeeding

We have learned so much from the experience and have finished feeling confident and prepared to implement any adjustments as our baby grows up.

We starting working with Lucy when our baby was nearly 7 months old.  EBF our baby was waking almost every hour during the night and 3 naps per day were in the buggy.  Lucy instinctively and immediately knew how to deal with this.  We followed the plan Lucy gave us to a T.  The results were obvious and started emerging immediately.  Now almost 6 weeks later our baby sleeps 12 hours without nightfeeds and has 2 naps a day

Lucy has a very kind and encouraging approach which creates a very safe space.

We started working with Lucy when our son was 7 months old. Once we started our journey with Lucy, we started seeing results straight away. I had read her book and had already implemented some aspects but Lucy held our hands through it all. Lucy has a very kind and encouraging approach which creates a very safe space. Our objective was to be in a place that we could put our son down to bed without tears or stress

We can’t get over the transformation

Our first child was a truly terrible sleeper! Well-meaning friends assured me that my second child was bound to be a ‘sleeper’. Having a baby during the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021 really limited the mum and baby activities on offer and I felt sure that with all this spare time on my hands and this being my second child, I would be well able to create a great sleeper of my own accord. Unfortunately, this was not the

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