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We’ve achieved all of this while always emotionally supporting our daughter, using Lucy’s method.

Working with Lucy was one of the most positively proactive things we have done since becoming parents. When Lucy started working with us, our daughter was 6 months old and waking up to ten times a night every night. I honestly didn’t think anything could help her to sleep through but I was hoping for a miracle with Lucy and that’s what we got! Through Lucy’s expertise and gentle guidance, we learned why our daughter woke continuously throughout the

This shouldn’t be viewed as a short term financial investment but more a life time investment for you and your child. 

We started working with Lucy when our son was 8 1/2 months. From when he was born, he had a severe intolerance to diary which caused him colic and effected his sleep massively. We tried everything from Cranialsacral therapy to Osteopath’s but nothing seemed to make a difference. As a newborn some days he never napped at all. At one point he was only sleeping  for 4 hours over the course of 4 days. Enter our hero, Lucy. It

I had a 3years of GP visits, healers, child neuro psychology books read and other things done. I am a medical professional myself and I can not stress enough: Lucy CAN help to improve your child’s sleep, no matter how bad you think they are.

I bought Lucy's book after seeing her at one of the conferences for young parents.  My 1st daughter was 4months old at the time. I took up the routine and sleep regime suggested in the book and it was great help for the 1st time mother looking for good science based guidance and advice.  Everything simply worked. Unfortunately, my 1st daughter suffered from severe reflux and was a horrendous sleeper all together. Even with multiple attempts to sleep train

On our first call she told us by the end of it our little boy would be napping and sleeping and we’d have our evenings back, free to watch as many box sets as we liked, my husband and I laughed at the thought! 

After months of trying to get our little baby boy to sleep I felt we had exhausted all avenues and his sleep just seemed to be getting worse. At 7 months he was refusing any naps, I was walking for Ireland around the park every day, coffee in hand trying to get him to sleep. At night he refused to sleep on his own and would only sleep when he was being rocked in the rocking chair or in

We now have a baby who was previously being fed multiple times during the night down to once a night . And her naps have pushed to nearly an hour or more twice a day

We went to see lucy about 4 weeks before our little girls first baby . I solely breast fed her and I feel this could have attributed to some of her sleep issues. My partner was very sceptical to paying someone to help our child sleep . But I'm sure all you mammys out there will agree that your sleep is your only bit of sanity .   We started out journey very rocky our baby only slept 30

Lucy gave us the confidence to change her sleeping habits and reassured us every step of the way. She was supportive, non judgemental and most of all, down to earth.

Our experience of working with Lucy has without exception, changed our lives. Our little girl is now 8 months and up until a month ago, had very rarely fallen asleep by herself. We spent months rocking and feeding to sleep. She was waking up to ten times a night at one point. The lack of sleep and exhaustion from constantly pacing the bedroom floor with her was having an impact on every part of our lives. I felt that

We did all our calls with Lucy by video-call which initially I was a bit apprehensive about as I thought if she can’t meet us would she really be able to understand what we were battling with but it was the exact same as sitting next to her in a room. 

We got in touch with Lucy when our little girl was 16 months old. We were physically and mentally exhausted and at the end of our tether. She was waking 2 and 3 times a night and then ready for the day at 5 am. We were using day time naps to try and rectify every preceding terrible night and so developed an exhausting routine - with some night time bottles thrown in for good measure just to add

Now our little boy puts himself to sleep while we are out of the room and he sleeps through the night, allowing us to sleep too!

After 2 years of trying to help our little boy sleep through the night, and taking up to two hours to go to sleep with us lying painfully on the floor beside his cot, we decided to contact Lucy. It turns out it was the best thing we ever did, and I only wish we had done it sooner. Now our little boy puts himself to sleep while we are out of the room and he sleeps through the

Lucy was really supportive throughout the entire process, giving us a round world view of baby behaviour, not just in relation to sleep but guiding us through the routine, ideal timings, teething issues and recommendations as regards breastfeeding and food, as well as lots of advice for the future.

"Lucy Wolfe has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I sought out her help when my son was just 6 months old as I wanted to avoid the pitfalls with him that I had fallen into with my daughter previously- still sitting in the chair beside her bed waiting for her to go to sleep at night-time at 4 years old! Prior to engaging Lucy, we didn't really have any surefire way of getting L to sleep at bedtime. I found

The support Lucy gives is priceless and she seamlessly guides you through issues to iron them out. Basically she is a miracle worker

From the moment my husband and I decided to engage Lucy directly to fine tune our 22 month old boy’s sleep...we had a new confidence in relation to our approach. We had followed Lucy’s suggested timings from her book since our boy was 6 months old and honestly, it made the world of difference...we went from lapping around in the buggy for some naps to laying him happily in his cot three times a day and being able to

Working with Lucy was the dream- she was kind and flexible with us- tailoring a plan for H’s needs, even amidst teething and leaps in development while working with her!

We cannot thank Lucy enough! When we got in touch, H’s overnight sleep was well enough established, but his day-time naps lacked rhythm and to us any sort of sense- one day was different than the next- no matter what we did we couldn’t seem to establish consistency for him. One day he would take longer naps, but more than often he napped too early in the day leaving us stuck with operating too many short naps for his

We are at a stage now where she goes down for her 2 naps and bedtime by herself, calmly. I honestly never thought I’d see the day!

Hope you're well. I have been meaning to email you for a while to say thanks again for all your help earlier in the year and to update you on our progress with our feisty little L! I'm nearly afraid to say it in case I jinx it!but she is really doing super these days. We kept following your plan when we finished up working with you and I did the stay and support process then properly again at

It’s been such an amazing experience watching L learn the art of sleep. We would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is looking to conquer sleep issues in a really supportive, gentle approach.  

I actually feel really emotional writing this, as 4 months ago I never would've believed we'd  get to a point where our baby would fall asleep on his own and sleep through the night. L is our first baby and we chose to breastfed on demand from day 1, little did I realise that over the months he would start to associate feeding and sleeping as one. He would feed every 1 to 2 hours through the night and

We now have an 8 month old boy who generally sleeps through the night and takes two great naps during the day.

From the moment we started working with Lucy everything felt so easy and there was absolutely no pressure from her. I admit I had bought both of Lucy's books but I needed some help to fine tune the work I was doing. Our little boy was only 5 and half months when we started working with Lucy but she was so accommodating to his age and really informed me what was normal for his age range and more importantly about

Lucy is the fourth professional that we have consulted for this problem but she was the first to lead us to finally start seeing the light.

Our 22 month old had never slept more than two consecutive full nights before we met Lucy. We absolutely dreaded bed time and would frequently endure up to 5 hours of frantic screaming per night trying to settle him to sleep. Lucy is the fourth professional that we have consulted for this problem but she was the first to lead us to finally start seeing the light. We finished up with Lucy this week and are now on almost

We saw immediate effects and now he sleeps the full night from 7 to 6.30.

I had purchased Lucy's book before our little boy was even born with the anticipation of starting on a good note with sleep habits. What I really liked about Lucy's approach is that it was gentle yet effective. By reading the book we knew exactly what we needed to do yet we still would speed up important bedtime routines or move dinner time etc, not realising how important the tiniest things are. When we contacted Lucy our little boy

With Lucy’s support and frequent communication we stuck with it and by week 5-6 J was asleep by 8:30 every night religiously and waking between 6-7am every morning.

Where do I start... Our 17month old started waking up between 4-5am every morning to start his day and to make things worse he was sick in October and December so we started to settle him to sleep by rubbing him and holding his hand which took over an hour every night so we had 2 issues going on. We decided to drop his nap to see if he would sleep for longer in the mornings and fall asleep

Parenting is hard hard work. It doesn’t need to be done on extreme lack of sleep

We worked with Lucy over a number of weeks to improve our twin boys C and L's sleep and it was honestly the best money we have spent since having them. C and L were born at 32 weeks gestation. They were in generally good health but they suffered badly from colic and reflux when very young. As the months went on they grew out of the colic but still had reflux. When we introduced solid foods, the reflux

It has changed our lives and we are so grateful to Lucy. 

We are so glad we contacted Lucy to help us sleep train our 8 month old. Not only did we get the result we wanted but Lucy made the process to achieve it very easy. I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily we achieved it. I was co- sleeping and breastfeeding our daughter on demand through the night prior to contacting Lucy. In a very short space of time with minimum upset for our daughter she is now consistently

Working with Lucy has given us more energy in the day to engage as a family

When our daughter turned 12 months we were really struggling with sleep as a family. I was breastfeeding through the night and a pattern of wake ups had emerged, every 40 mins - 1 hour. Something had to give, I found myself in the depths of a sleep debt and was not sure which way to turn. I think as new parents we sometimes feel that we should be able to do it all on our own and that

it felt like Lucy got to know T and what he needed very quickly

We reached out to Lucy for help with our 2 year old, after I had followed her on Instagram and read her wonderful book. Both Lucy’s Instagram account and the book helped us immensely but we felt that we needed that extra bit of personal support to put things into practice. Our little boy T needed one of us to lie next to him to help him fall to sleep every night, this could take an hour and then

It took time and persistence, but it is really worth it.

The biggest THANKS goes to you, Lucy, from our home. You are an extremely knowledgeable lady. We worked with Lucy directly on two separate occasions for both our children. Our problem was trying to get our children into sleep at night, when it could be 12 o clock, after 4 hours battling before they would sleep (they slept all night once sleeping but getting them off to sleep was a significant issue) and day time naps were a no

Your approach is so gentle , baby and family centred yet robust .

I’m really glad I made the decision to contact you as your support gave me the confidence to implement some changes that I dreaded but ended up being painless in the end! We are sleeping and feeling so much better as a result . Your approach is so gentle , baby and family centred yet robust . It was lovely to meet you and talk to you in person. You are inspirational in your enthusiasm and commitment to supporting

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