We were at our lowest point with 2.5 year…

We were at our lowest point with 2.5 year old Amy.  She is the youngest of three children and we had not had sleeping problems with the others- We had not had a nights sleep since the longest time and both my husband and I didn t know where to turn.  Although sceptical that Lucy could help, we went for a consultation because at this point we had nothing to lose.  During our meeting with Lucy we started to feel that there was light at the end of the tunnel.  She explained our problem areas, without judgement and with empathy, and gave us the information that we needed to sort out Amy’s sleep.  Within a week of implementing the plan, we had our lives back!  Amy was sleeping soundly at night nearly 12 hours uninterrupted, and we were still tweaking the daytime nap, but now we felt empowered and confident that our problem was solved.  To any one who is struggling with sleep, give Lucy at Sleep Matters a call.





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