A Volunteer Family Search is On

Hello everyone, I am looking for a volunteer family to work with for a “Not for broadcast television segment” on sleep challenges.  The criteria is quite specific so if you feel that you are suitable please complete the form below and forward to assistant@sleepmatters.ie for consideration.


  • You must have a child age 6 months or over with ongoing sleep issues
  • You must be based in Dublin and available for filming in your home (ca. 4 hours) on Thursday 27th June
  • We will want both parents available to interview, as well as the child, you will be asked to describe your challenges, the effect on your family etc
  • We will want access in your home, to the child’s bedroom (this will never be broadcast it is just for internal review) but you will need to be willing to allow this
  • In return for your input I will work with you directly in a private capacity in resolve the issues that you are experiencing


If you would like to be part of this-please complete and return the form here APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED  to assistant@sleepmatters.ie by Friday 14th June.  I am not able to reply to emails, DM’s or private messages in this instance and your application, once submitted will be decided by the producers of the segment.  I look forward to hearing from you

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