This has made an immeasurable difference to our quality of life and the struggles along the way were all so worth it

We started working directly with Lucy after 7 months of sleepless nights and stressful days. Our daughter slept in our bed with me and was breastfed through the night and my husband was sleeping in the spare room as he had to get up for work. She was very difficult to settle at bedtime and we bounced on an exercise ball with her, sang to her, fed her to sleep and it would often take up to an hour or more to get her to settle. She would wake hourly if not more frequently on a bad night, and would sometimes be awake for hours during the night and was difficult to settle back to sleep. She would only nap in her buggy during the day and I would walk the streets for hours a day trying to get her to sleep. My husband and I were at our wits end when we contacted Lucy, we were both sleep deprived and had no quality time together. Sleep deprivation takes a heavy toll on mental health and relationships and there were times that I felt so low and cried all day after a bad night. I had read many testimonials about Lucy, but if I’m entirely honest, I didn’t really believe that it would work for us. I bought Lucy’s book which I found great, but I still felt that we needed an individualized approach. We were so far away from where we wanted to be and we just didn’t know where to start or how to do it on our own. Lucy was so understanding and seemed to pick up on things that I didn’t even say – her extensive experience and knowledge was so apparent from the very first call. Most importantly, I feel like she instilled a confidence in me that i just didn’t have before, she was optimistic and it helped us to start our journey with more positivity and optimism. Our journey was not an easy one, we had a long way to go with many challenges like teething and sickness along the way, and I still can hardly believe where we are now compared with just 6 weeks ago. There were times we nearly gave up, times when we thought that it wasn’t working and we had to adapt and change things a lot. Lucy was there to support and guide us through it all. Our baby now sleeps in her own cot in her own room, and she sleeps through from 7pm to 6.30am almost every night. My husband and I have our evenings back and our daughter is such a joy to be around during the day – we can finally really appreciate the moment, and enjoy new parenthood! This has made an immeasurable difference to our quality of life and the struggles along the way were all so worth it. We have a new lease of life thanks to Lucy’s support and guidance. Baby sleep is not ‘one size fits all’ and that’s why I really think that working directly with Lucy was right for us. We never would have been able to get to this point on our own and I’m so thankful that we made the decision to reach out and get the help that we so badly needed!

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