I can’t thank Lucy enough for how she has help us, and in such a lovely way.

I contacted Lucy in absolute crisis, battered by sleep deprivation and a complete lack of confidence
as a mother, I felt I just didn’t have a clue what I was doing regards my babies sleep. I was trying so
hard to help her take daytime naps, that I stayed at home all the time waiting to put her down for
the next nap –and I was so protective over the naps, that I didn’t allow visitors in case they
interfered with sleep. I wouldn’t allow my husband to put her down to sleep in case he got it
“wrong”. I was bouncing my daughter to sleep on a yoga ball, and some nights, this would carry on
from dusk until dawn. Life was miserable, and I wasn’t coping at all. I loved my baby, but there was a
constant conflict with sleep –this was my issue, not hers… she was a tiny baby after all.
Contacting Lucy was the best thing we’ve done for our family. She has taught us how to support my
little sweetie to sleep, and instilled confidence in us for we now know what we’re doing, why we’re
doing it and that our baby is capable of really good sleep. We’ve gone from messy constant sleep
battles daily, to having a fixed plan. When things don’t go to plan, we now have the skills to manage
things better without resorting to bouncing. We’re now a team with equal ability in putting her to
sleep. We’ve offloaded the crutches that were unhelpful or counterproductive such as that awful
bouncing ball of nightmares, the soother and a sleep positioner. We’re down to 1 night feed, which
will shortly be gone as my baby is feeding less and less most nights.
Our home is much happier, I enjoy every day now instead of enduring every day. Working with Lucy
has honestly been life changing and I’m so glad we did it while I’m still on leave. I can’t thank Lucy
enough for how she has help us, and in such a lovely way.

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