The results were instant and outstanding

We asked Lucy to help us with C, our 10 ½ month old son who was having difficulty sleeping without parental intervention. This was causing our family, particularly my wife, considerable stress as often it would take her over 2 hours to get C to sleep only for him to wake after 3 to 4 hours starting the cycle all over again. We decided enough was enough and, following a recommendation from a friend, called Lucy to help us out. We had tried to encourage C to sleep on his own previously but it was difficult as we always felt that we were doing something wrong, and were conscious that we could be upsetting him unnecessarily. Lucy provided us with a detailed breakdown of exactly what was required to get C sleeping normally and provided regular feedback and assistance throughout the process which kept us on the right track. The results were instant and outstanding. C slept for 11 hours on the first night, and quickly adjusted to his new routine. We would strongly recommend Lucy, Christian is a great sleeper now. It is the best money we have ever spent.