We just want to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last month. You have literally been a life saver.

We just want to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last month. You have literally been a life saver. When we initially met I honestly believed that nothing could improve the disastrous sleep cycle that we were in. Our daughter had just turned 13 months and had never slept through the night. Eventhough she was in her own room she still woke up to 2-3 times a night and for one of those wakeups she would be awake for at least an hour. I had just returned to work and we were lucky to get 3-4 broken hours sleep a night. She was still being fed to sleep and it could take over an hour every night to move her from the chair into the cot without waking. The only way she would nap was in my arms. My husband and I were exhausted and had no time to ourselves as she was so unsettled in the evening and during the night. If we left her with family for a break we would have to return early as she would wake and not resettle so we just gave up. Everyone always laughs and jokes about never sleeping again when you have a baby but surviving on a few hours’ sleep a night for over a year was definitely one of the hardest things we have done. It was even harder seeing our little girl tired most of the time and having to cancel family plans last minute if she had a particularly bad night sleep as she would be so out of sorts. We knew once she turned one that we needed help!

One of the first things you told us was that we had to hand over our lives to you for 4 weeks and this was daunting but once we actually started you made all the steps so easy to follow and you always gave us the confidence that we could achieve each one. We saw improvements almost immediately. She started napping in her cot and sleeping longer periods during the day and at night time. We couldn’t believe how quickly your changes were working. Even when we hit issues ½ way through with illness, unplanned vaccinations and hospital visit you remained calm and gave us the lift we needed to keep going and that we would see everything fall into place. You remained patient when we had to extend program by 2 weeks and were always there to answer our questions if we hit an obstacle. We are delighted that our daughter is now sleeping through the night from 7.30 to 5.30 (sometimes 6) every night. She naps for over 2 hours every day in her cot. She goes into her cot awake and can resettle herself if she does wake during the night. She is a very happy little girl who loves to sing and dance and finally sleep J We still keep our fingers crossed when anyone ever asks about her sleep now but every day our confidence is growing and know that you have given us the advice needed to deal with any sleep issues if they arise in the future. We also won’t hesitate to contact you again if ever needed and I would tell anyone having the same issues to do the same. We can’t thank you enough!

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